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5 Benefits Of Using A Fingerprint Time Clock For Business

With the rise of modern innovations, the use of a fingerprint time clock is gaining popularity in the business industry. It has started to become one of the most useful new technologies for management. It allows business owners to keep track of employees’ time and attendance. Moreover, the technology behind this biometric time clocks offers you high levels of accuracy and security. It also provides you with an excellent way of identification, which isn’t usually found with other methods. Continue reading this article to learn about a fingerprint time clock and its benefits to your business’ workforce management.

The Fingerprint Time Clock

In a nutshell, the fingerprint time clock refers to a tool that can be used to track and manage hourly wages. Unlike other biometric clocking systems, it works by using a finger-scan reader instead of a keycard system. In other words, the time clock utilizes the fingerprint of the employee for the enrollment process.

Once the fingerprint image is enrolled, the employees can now scan their fingerprints for attendance and security purposes. Also, the best thing about this system is that the data is nearly impossible to be reversed for criminal reasons. So, if you think about buying a biometric time clock for your business, there are trustworthy software providers who offer the best products that suit your needs.

Business Benefits

If you’re running a business, initiating a fingerprint time clock system is crucial for workforce management. Because of this technology’s ability to read fingerprints, your company can get the most out of improved security and attendance tracking. Aside from these, below are some ways on how using a fingerprint time clock can benefit your business.

Eliminate Instances Of Buddy Punching

The term “buddy punching” refers to a practice observed by some employees to defraud the management about their attendance. It’s an act of punching another employee’s in and out while they’re absent from work.

Fortunately, with the advent of a fingerprint time clock system, the employees can no longer punch their co-workers’ attendance in and out. Since the individual fingerprints are used for tracking attendance, employees who aren’t present in the workplace can no longer record their attendance.  As a result, you’re able to eliminate the instances of buddy punching among your workforce.

Offer Accurate Payroll Records

Before the rise of biometric technology, most payrolls are done manually together with the computations of the statutory deductions. As such, there’s a high chance of human error in the final payroll. Because of this, using a fingerprint time clock is crucial for your business. It provides you with the opportunity to make accurate payroll records, which, in turn, can save time, money, and energy.

Instead of hiring several people to monitor the attendance of your employees insofar as the payroll is concerned, rely on the time clock for the precise records of your people’s arrival and exit times. Furthermore, the use of a fingerprint time clock allows you to pay your employees accordingly and without trouble. Consequently, you’re able to minimize the possibility of overpayments in their salaries. Use a quality job scheduler to perfect your entire payroll, time sheet tracking system. Then, you can manage your records easily.

Boost Productivity

In addition to accurate payroll records, using a fingerprint time clock can also increase the productivity of your business. It changes the way you keep manual time and attendance records, which, in turn, comes with plenty of benefits.

With this biometric technology in place, you can save time, decrease staffing, and, more importantly, provide precise attendance data to your payroll system. Consequently, you’re able to manage your company operations efficiently in the long run.

Easy Access To Reliable Data

Because of technology, the attendance data you gathered from a fingerprint time clock is most likely trustworthy and real-time. The system allows you to access data and generate quick reports at any time. Even if the employees are in the middle of scanning their fingerprints, you can still get the data that you need at any moment. When you utilize technologies that hold valuable business data, implement information security practices. That way, you can advance with the newest innovations and secure your business. Keep this in mind as you consider purchasing a fingerprint time clock and other tech tools.

Automate Workplace Rules

Another significant benefit of using a fingerprint time clock system is its ability to automate your workplace rules. For instance, if you’re company uses flexible time for some employees, you no longer need to track work hours manually with the help of this biometric technology. In fact, once you generate the attendance report, you can easily track the employees’ time balance.

Improve Return On Investment

As mentioned, using a fingerprint time clock can go a long way in helping your business obtain high returns on investment. Since this system can eliminate buddy punching, time theft, and other inaccuracies in the payroll records, you can prevent the company from losing money for unnecessary expenses.

These are the essential benefits of using a fingerprint time clock for your business. Thus, if you value accuracy, ease of use, productivity, and security, then implementing this innovative biometric system can be the best thing you can do to grow your company.

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