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New Amazon Fire TV Stick Features Blow Other Streaming Services Away

amazon_tv_fire_stickIt has been a long time since Amazon put out a hot selling device. Actually, some of us can not remember a hot selling Amazon made hardware product. That is probably because Amazon has only made the push into the device market in recent years. And to be frank, the sales were not astronomical.

However, the Fire TV Stick may have changed all that for Amazon. In their fastest selling device ever, the influx of orders have completely sold out Amazon. This is Amazon’s best selling product yet. It is also one of the hottest tech gifts of the year.

It must feel good to finally hit the mark. They have clearly filled a void in the technology consumers category, streaming media. Evidently, not enough people own a smart TV, Xbox or some other device capable of streaming to the TV.

Even if you do own a streaming device, Amazon has made the TV Fire Stick attractive from a performance standpoint. The small device, which only weighs 0.9 oz. and measures 3.3 inches at length, packs an impressive dual core processor and 1 GB of memory. It also features 8 GB of internal storage and of course, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. It seems the only thing it cannot do is virtual reality!

Easy To Use

Using the Amazon TV Fire Stick is easy enough. You will not have to worry about reformatting computer, like you would for online streaming services. It comes with everything you need, including the actual stick, a compatible remote, USB charger/cable, HDMI extender cable, AAA batteries and the quick start guide. In a few steps, you are ready to start watching thousands of shows and movies. Just remember, you need to have a decent WiFi internet connection and an HDTV.

Parental Controls

The Amazon Fire TV stick offers parental controls settings. This is sure to offer parents some peace of mind. Users can create a pin to restrict their children’s access to mature content. It can also be used to restrict other maturing ratings by age group. In addition, these parental control features allow you to monitor data usage so that you can be sure your kids will not hog it all for themselves. That is certainly one thing you wish your child’s iPhone champagne color came with. This is one of those Amazon Fire TV stick features that all parents are sure to be thankful for.

Voice Activated Features

The absolute best of all the impressive Amazon Fire stick features is the voice activated search capabilities. Anyone that has tried to search for something using the Apple TV remote or an Xbox controller knows has frustratingly tedious it can be. The Alexa enabled Fire Stick from Amazon lets you search easily and quickly to start enjoying your entertainment right away. This is one of the best things about the new Amazon Fire Stick.

Fire Stick Streaming Services

In competition with the Google Chromecast and all the other eco-friendly apps, the TV Fire Stick has all the same streaming options, give or take a couple. They both feature the likes of Netflix, Hulu Plus, Youtube, Pandora, etc. However, the TV Fire Stick offers Amazon Instant Video while lacking HBO Go.

Low Price, Successful Launch

For Amazon, the $39 media streaming stick is a successful launch. The next batch of sticks will be available by January 15th or before. Anyone, who would like to order in the meantime, can reserve their place on line at the company website.

Fire TV Stick Is Now More Than Just TV

So, the Amazon Fire Stick used to be a mere stick for TV and movie streaming. However with the new Fire Stick, Amazon is bringing things to the next level. The newest Amazon stick offers Alexa controls, as well. Alexa, Amazon’s answer to Apple’s Siri feature, will play anything your heart desires, except your mobile only NBA General Manager game. All you have to do is say the word. This little tweak to the Fire TV Stick makes your lazy day at home even lazier, and definitely helps bring the company one step above the competition.

Although this was Amazon’s most successful launch, will it be short lived? Since the device will only last until SmartTVs are in every home, do you think they have more pressure to produce another hit product? Or, do you think they are doing just fine being an online store? Please let us know your thoughts below.

(Image from Amazon website)

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