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Prime95 Download Sources To Test Overclocked CPU Stability For Free


Prime95 is software designed to stress test personal computers to ensure stability. The free software was designed by George Woltman to find new mersenne prime numbers. It is frequently used in the overclocking community to determine a stable configuration. As a computer enthusiast, you might want to test out your own system so you can play all your favorite Raven software games. Here’s the best places to get the Prime95 Download.

The Guru of 3D is a PC hardware and entertainment fan site. It provides hardware news, reviews, and articles designed for gamers and PC enthusiasts. A portion of the site is dedicated to discussion forums about overclocking hardware. Once a PC rig has been built, this community recommends it be tested with prime95. You can find the download page and details on the software here:

Softpedia (Masthead)

Softpedia is a Romanian website offering technology news and reviews. The site has been live since 2001 and has a wealth of information ranging from desktop PC application to Apple phone products. The site includes a section offering useful applications and software downloads, including reviews and alternatives for each. They even offer top programs like Linkscanner. The direct link for prime95 is here:

Mersenne is another place to download Prime95 without having to fear about contaminated files plagued with malware. This website even offers Prime95 setup instructions for new users. So, if you have not already set up a user ID, it leads you through the steps seamlessly. This sight also offers cash wards for discovering Mersenne. What is better than that? Visit if you want to download Prime95 software and make a couple of bucks in the process. is a North American website, based in Seattle and Canada. Offering safe and secure downloads, this site was created to combat third party sites that hosted untested downloads riddled with malware and viruses. They are proud to host quality downloads that will not hurt the user’s PC. So you can experience Vertica advantages and Prime95 without worry. Their download age for prime95 can be found here:

Cnet or

Cnet is one of the most highly visited technology sites on the web. With over 200 million readers per month, it offers new and reviews on a range of topics, most notably technology. In recent years, it has diversified its audience to include the general public, not just technology enthusiasts. It offers a download section on its site, but does not host the downloads itself and therefore cannot verify the safety of downloads. While Cnet may not be your first stop for downloads, you can find the prime95 download here: 64 bit 32 bit

Go Straight To The Source

Prime95 is used by Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) to find new mersenne prime numbers. Users can create an ID in order to win a cash prize if their computer discovers a new number, so this may be the best option for serious overclockers. The site itself is a wealth of information and useful links surrounding prime95, so look no further!

Prime95 Download Resources

When downloading the Prime95 software, there are a few minimum requirements that you should keep in mind. First, you need to make sure that you have an operating system that is compatible. Prime95 download packages are available for most major distributions including Windows 10 and recent versions, Mac OSx, Linux and Free BSD. For anyone with these operating systems, you can download and install Prime95.

PC enthusiasts and overclockers need a way to test the stability of their gaming rig. Prime95 is a popular free software for overclocking cpu resources. The program heavily uses the processor to stress test its capabilities. Before downloading prime95 from any old source, be sure to check the options above for a safe, secure download.

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