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Revolutionary Telepresence Technology For Improved Web Conferences


Telepresence is defined as the use of virtual reality technologies to make someone feel as if they are present elsewhere. More specifically, they give the appearance that the user is elsewhere. Telepresence technologies are often used by businesses as a modern method of video conferencing. However, some products are made just for at-home use. In this post, you will discover five popular products used for telepresence and get an overall consumer review.

Double Robotics

Telepresence Robot for iPad Tablet

The Telepresence Robot, with a retail cost of $1,999.99, was created by Double Robotics. It is most commonly found in hybrid offices and blended classrooms. According to the Double Robotics company, this robot is best used for remote workers who often need to interact with coworkers in their office using cloud endpoints. The company created this machine for increased mobility and productivity. This robot, with a review of about 4/5 stars, eliminates the problem of having to communicate in a room with video conferencing capabilities. This product is popular for companies using telepresence technology and has an overall positive assessment.

Cisco Telepresence

SX10 Video Conferencing Device

Cisco’s SX10 is best used for face-to-face communication in small workspaces, according to the company’s website. The company recommends this product for small- to medium- sized businesses who want are just starting their journeys with telepresence. This product retails for $3,565.99 and has a general rating of 4/5 stars. This product is cost-effective and well-perceived by consumers. Like Double Robotics’ Telepresence robot, the TelePresence SX10 is another widely used, well-liked technology by companies.

The SX10 Quick Set has several additional advantages. Firstly, as the name implies, it has a quick set up and is easy to use. Sitting on top of any display, it allows high definition video up to 1080p. That’s the resolution that people looking to buy a television will look for. Needless to say, the image and clarity is very high quality to interact on remote endpoints.

Cisco Spark Board

The new Cisco telepresence gadget is called the Spark Board. It promises to revolutionize the world workplace conference technology. Using the Spark Board, you can present, whiteboard, video and audio conference wirelessly. The new Spark Board is like the Smart Board for the conference room. You can use this touch-based collaboration tool to replace every other conference tool you currently use, besides perhaps your accounting software. If you want a telepresence gadget with 4k HD video, 12 intelligent microphones and a 55 inch LED LCD screen, consider the Spark Board by Cisco.

Padbot Telepresence

Robot for Android/iPhone

The Padbot Robot is a cheaper option, with online prices starting around $599. The Padbot company also offers iPad-compatible devices for a higher cost. This robot is recommended for at-home, rather than office use. Since the screen is smaller, using Padbot for professional video conferencing would be more challenging. Padbot, however, is a great choice for video conferencing with friends and family, unlike Huawei products. This robot has generally positive reviews, but for the sake of transparency, not many reviews in total. This telepresence product is another great option for interested consumers.

Cisco Dual Screen

55″ Telepresence System

While the previous Cisco product mentioned was more compact and compatible with smaller workspaces, the Dual Screen is the complete opposite. This higher-end product retails for $7,995.00. Although expensive, this product is worth the money, receiving countless 5/5 star reviews. Cisco also has a cheaper option which can be used for webcasts, which is a single screen instead of dual. Cisco boasts that this product increases business agility and network availability. For consumers willing to spend more money, this product will definitely give them their money’s worth.

Telepresence Home Sentry

This robot is designed for an at-home telepresence use. The product retails for $1,500 and has an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars. This product is compatible with an iPad or Android-powered tablet. Hammacher Schlemmer recommends this product for everything from video conferencing with loved ones to checking on the house while away on vacation. While this product is about double the cost of the Padbot, the Home Sentry’s design includes a more sophisticated sensory system. The Telepresence Home Sentry is another great option for consumers looking for at-home telepresexctechnology.

Telepresence is definitely a fast-growing category within the industry, perhaps even faster growing than resume software. There are several companies who design telepresence technology, but the ones listed above boast positive reviews. Consumers should definitely look into Double Robotics, Cisco, Padbot and Telepresence Home Sentry products. No matter if you’re using telepresence technology at-home or in-office, the one thing certain is that telepresence will change your communication.

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