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5 Common Types Of Cybercrime To Protect Sensitive Data From Now


Crime that involves a computer and a network is defined as cybercrime. Interpol breaks down cybercrime into two categories. The first is advanced cybercrime, which includes, “sophisticated attacks against computer hardware and software.” The second, according to Interpol, is cyber-enabled crime, which includes crimes that have, “taken a new turn with the advent of the Internet.” While you may not care if your oscilloscope app gets hacked, you will certainly care if your bank does. In this post, technology users will learn about five of the types of cybercrime and how to stay protected against them.

Definition Of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is defined as crimes that meet two criteria. You will not need a masters in education to figure them out. Cybercrimes are criminal acts directed at computers or other digital devices. The cybercrime definition also accounts for crimes where computers or other devices are integral to the offense. This is the lesser known version of cybercrime. Now that you understand the two general definitions of cyber crime, you can learn about the most common types of cyber crimes committed.


Hacking occurs when a technology user’s computer is broken into and sensitive information is accessed. includes a wide array of tips for technology users to stay protected against hacking. One of the easiest ways to stay safe is by using strong passwords. suggests avoiding passwords that include your login name, anything based off personal information and words that can be found in the dictionary. It is also recommended that you utilize security software on your computer and keep your software up to date. For example, the latest Windows 10 updates continue to address hacking vulnerabilities. Hacking is an unfortunate type of cybercrime, but technology users can take action to avoid falling victim.

Cyber Stalking

Cross Domain Solutions defines cyber stalking as online harassment in which the victim is subjected to online messages and emails on the internet. Cyber stalkers typically know their victims and will resort to offline stalking if they feel their messages aren’t getting across online. According to, one method of protecting yourself against cyber stalking is staying anonymous online. If you create an online username, make it different than your actual name and gender-neutral. Also, avoid putting identifying details in online profiles. Cyber stalking is a less-known type cybercrime, but still important for technology users to be aware of.

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when someone accesses online data about a person’s bank account, credit cards, debit cards, Social Security number and other personal information. An identity thief’s goal is to use this information to gain money and purchase products online without having to pay. Google has a list of tips to decrease the chances of this cybercrime, but the overarching message is to not reply to a suspicious email, instant message or webpages asking for personal or financial information, like those sites for rejection phone numbers. If you are ever a victim of identity theft, check out identity protection companies.  These providers offer information on who to contact, what evidence to keep and additional tips. Identity theft is another threat to technology users, but, by using these tips, this cybercrime can be avoided.

Child Soliciting And Abuse

Child soliciting and abuse occurs online when a criminal solicits a child through a chat room. In the case of this cybercrime, the criminal targets the child for the purpose of pornography. According to the San Diego County District Attorney’s website, there are warning signs parents should look out for that indicate children might be at-risk online. These signs include unsupervised time in chat rooms, downloaded pictures of strangers, phone calls, gifts and letters from strangers, among others. Tips to reduce the risk of child solicitation and abuse include placing the computer in a common area of the home, asking your children how they use the Internet and showing them your favorite sites, and knowing your child’s passwords. Child soliciting and abuse is an extremely important type of cybercrime to be informed about and help be avoided.

Malicious Software

Malicious software is Internet-based software and programs that are designed to disrupt networks. The malicious software is created and used to gain access into a personal system or smartops service and steal information. Or, malicious software is used to damage software. One of the easiest ways to protect against this type of cybercrime is by installing and running anti-virus software. Top10Reviews has other tips to avoid malicious software, including maximizing browser security settings, not leaving your computer idly and being wary of email attachments. Even if an attachment is coming from a known sender, the sender may have been exposed to possible malicious software. Always contact users to make sure they meant to send any attachments. Malicious software is another type of cybercrime that technology users should know about and work hard to fight against.

Cybercrime Trends

Cyber crimes and attacks have evolved over the years. That is why more parents are choosing to use kid tracking gadgets. Today’s internet it seeing many more sophisticated crimes by highly organized teams of hackers. They are using the internet to maximize profit while minimizing their risks and footprints. Costing the global economy billions of dollars, cybercrime security companies must work extremely hard to stay ahead of the latest cyber attack trends that continue to become increasingly advanced.


When it comes to cybercrime, INTERPOL is the leading organization in the field. INTERPOL is an organization committed to the global fight against cybercrime. They work in partnership with law enforcement agencies who are investing crimes on a cooperative level to  tackle cyber-enabled crimes. Their main initiatives focus on operational and investigative support, cyber intelligence and analysis, digital forensics, innovation and research, capacity building and national cyber reviews. If you want to stay up to date on the latest developments in cyber crime to protect the data on your RAID 1 storage, visit the INTERPOL website.

Cybercrime is very serious, which is why knowledge about this topic and prevention tips are important. Five of the many types of cybercrime include hacking, cyber-stalking, identity theft, child solicitation and abuse as well as malicious software. All technology users, especially those who use Afternic, should be aware that these threats are out there and remember basic tips to stop them from happening.

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