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Website Stickiness Practices To Keep Web Visitors On Your Site Longer


A website’s stickiness is anything that encourages visitors to stay longer. If a website is “sticky,” users will stay on the site for an extended period of time and return again in the future. In this post, web designers can learn five new methods to increase their websites’ stickiness that do not involve creating entirely new ICANN domain names.

Offer Up-to-Date Content

Updating your website and its content gives visitors a reason to come back. If companies do not update their sites, the content serves no purpose for visitors. Not only does adding content to your website increase its stickiness, but it also boosts the site’s search engine optimization. One way of providing the most up-to-date content is by adding a feed of relevant news or information, like writing a blog post about cyberattacks. Making sure your website has the most up-to-date content will keep visitors coming back.

Contact Information

If you want to improve website stickiness, one of the easiest ways to do this is to publish easy to find contact info for yourself or your business, just as you would to improve your telepresence. Put a contact number and email address at the top or bottom of your page. Be sure to also include more extensive contact information on a separate page. Users love open communication, and search engines love websites with proper sitemaps and contact info. Providing easy to locate contact information will definitely help you have better website stickiness.

Profile Visitors

Profiling your visitors means knowing their behavior when they reach your site. This can be done through analytics, eye tracking technology or website survey forms. writes that profiling can be done by, “registration processes and tracking their visits or you can use analysis tools that log visitors and track their progress through the site.” Once you have profiled your visitors, you can adjust your website accordingly. If visitors all seem to leave on a certain page, change that page. If visitors linger on another page, analyze why that page gets more attention. Profiling your visitors allows you to see the aspects of your site that are both more and less popular. You can then change your site based on this information and increase its stickiness.

Reduce Clutter

In the terms of website design, less is more. Viewers are much more likely to be drawn in by a clean, easily readable site. It’s vital that visitors can easily find the information they are searching for or they’ll quickly close their browser window. This is a key aspect of proper landing page design technique. You need a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and clearly communicates your brand’s message. Reducing your clutter and creating a clean site will improve visitor experience and increase stickiness.

Provide A Simple Navigation

Using a simple navigation is the best way to lead visitors through your site. You want an immediate, effective method for visitors to know where to go and how to get there. puts its well when they write that a simple navigation, “find[s] the balance between too many choices and not enough…[and uses] a clean and consistent design.” An effective navigation is done by placing the most relevant pages in the header and a detailed sitemap in the footer. Even the most simple kid gamesites will have easy to follow link structures. A simple navigation helps website users, which makes them return and increases your stickiness.

Have An FAQ Section

Providing a FAQ section serves website designers several purposes. First, it gives the appearance that your site is used regularly, whether you truly are or aren’t. This, in turn, increases your visible authority. Second, it gives visitors who are interested in your company an abundance of information. Thirdly, if you are explaining more complex concepts like network protocol, it give you an area to send the IT beginners. A FAQ section would be a strong addition to your website and a definite way to increase its stickiness.

Encourage Site Interaction

To keep your visitors coming back to you website, give them a way to interact with you site. Ask them to comment, sign up or provide feedback. Then, follow up with them about their interactions. These simple site interactions can lead to better stickiness, making your site more memorable in the mind of the readers. And, of course, you are giving them a reason to come back to see the result of their interaction.

Creating a “sticky” website is crucial for web designers. Stickiness increases user traffic through several methods, including providing up-to-date content, profiling visitors, reducing clutter, providing a simple navigation and having a FAQ section. If your website is not getting many visitors, figure out why and use these tools to increase stickiness.

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