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4 Ways To Fix SYLK File Format For Unexpected Microsoft Excel Errors


A SYLK file is a Microsoft file format. SYLK stands for SYmbolic LinK. SYLK files are typically used to exchange data between applications, specifically spreadsheets. However, some Microsoft users tend to run into problems regarding SYLK files. If you use Microsoft and are familiar with VMDK basics, you may have seen an error message that says “SYLK: File format is not valid” when trying to open a text or CSV file. Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution to this error. However, there are ways that you can work around the problem, so that all of your files can be fully functioning once more. If you want to learn how to fix the SYLK file error message, keep reading.

Understand The Problem

When you see the SYLK File error message it is because the text or spreadsheet file you are attempting to open contains a specific set of characters. This will only happen on a Windows OS, not any Linux distros system. If your file begins with the characters “ID” your computer automatically reads the document as a SYLK file. This is the root cause of the SYLK file error message. Now that you understand the issue behind your SYLK problem, you can move on to fixing it.

What Is A SYLK File?

The .SYLK file extension is one that can only be launched by certain applications. Typically, SYLK files are data files, as opposed to standard document or media files, like text animation files. This means that, in general, .sylk files are not meant to actually be viewed. This is why these types of files are unable to be opened in Excel. Thankfully, there is a fix for this.

What Is A SYLK File Used For?

SYLK files are typically used for the exchange of data between applications. These types of files can most commonly be seen in use with spreadsheets. However, there are some other data exchanges that make use of these files as well, like those created by resume software. Now that you know what type of files most commonly use the SYLK file format, you can better identify your problem.

Insert An Apostrophe

The solution to the SYLK file error is simple, though not quite as simple as running a VirusTotal scan. In order to open the file regularly, you will simply have to change the two beginning characters. The easiest way to do this is by adding an apostrophe. First, you must open the file in a basic text editor such as Notepad. Then locate the two beginning characters, “I” and “D.” Insert an apostrophe before ID. Finally, click save and exit the text editor. This is a quick fix that should be easy to remember. If you need to open a file and receive the SYLK file error message, remember that this is all you need to do.

Possible Solutions

Although the apostrophe is an easy workaround, it can become tedious when you want to open a lot of files. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid the problem to stay focused on your graphic design work. For example, when you are first creating a document, be mindful of where you put the letters “ID.” If you make a conscious effort to place an apostrophe in front of them beforehand, you will no longer have to worry about receiving the SYLK file error message. Additionally, you can also choose to make the “I” and “D” at the beginning of your document lowercase. This will help the computer avoid confusing the document for a SYLK file. If you want to avoid the SYLK file error message altogether, this is the best way to do it.

Other Options

If you are still experiencing trouble with the SYLK file error, you may need to start googling other options. It is possible that there is a different issue causing your computer to confuse the documents. If the file you are trying to open does not begin with “ID,” then there is definitely something else wrong. Consider speaking to a Microsoft representative over the phone. They will be happy to help find a solution to your problem. Additionally, you can seek help from other tech experts like the Geek Squad. If you have not found a solution to the SYLK file error message, do not give up. There are plenty of options available to help you.

Export As A Last Resort

If you still cannot fix sylk file format issues using the methods listed above, you can export the file as a last resort. The error is associated with a CSV file, so if you still cannot work with it after attempting to fix it you may want to try exporting to vCard VCF. Exporting the Excel CSV will allow you to continue working on it within your Google desktop without issue. Although this does not fix the sylk file format issues, it is a useful workaround to ensure you can still get work done.

The SYLK file error message can be frustrating for many Microsoft users. Although there is no permanent solution, there are ways that you can get rid of it. The simple solutions of editing and mindfulness will make everything much easier. If you ever see the SYLK File error message, be sure to refer back to this post for instructions on how to fix it and consider downloading VirusTotal to ensure that there is not a more sinister cause for the issue.

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