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Fleet Tracking System: Textbook Technology Benefits

If you own a business with any type of company vehicle, you will understand that it is absolutely imperative for your employees to drive with care, honesty and discretion. Now, imagine the worst-case scenarios for a work vehicle; it is stolen or involved in an accident, or an employee is frequently speeding or leaving work early in the vehicle without telling anyone.

Not exactly what you want to occur in your business, right? Luckily, there is a way to track every single route taken by your vehicles. Fleet tracking systems use the most accurate state-of-the-art technology to locate vehicles using GPS and GSM.

You will have complete control at your fingertips with a tracking app or web portal, which allows you to locate any employee or any vehicle and get daily, weekly and monthly reports delivering driver information and behavior.

All the data collected in the app is stored and can be exported to programs like Excel, visible in graphs and charts so that you can easily examine patterns and behaviors. The live tracking feature gives updates every 20-30 seconds triggered by factors like a change of speed or direction.

Fleet tracking systems are a revolutionary technology to help regulate and govern a business for efficiency, something that is difficult to control otherwise. Here, we discuss how a fleet tracking system can benefit your business.

Amplified Profit and Performance

Being able to track and review data about driver behavior can assist in managing how much fleet procedures cost. Employees’ overtime hours can be reduced, which in turn reduces cost. The GPS fleet tracking system also allows you to see the driver’s decision making in real time. It’s similar to using eye tracking technology, meaning log sheets and tracking forms are no longer necessary, allowing more time for efficient work to be done.

Cut Down on Fuel Costs

Speeding and bad driving behavior use more fuel than necessary, which costs your business money. Tracking driver behavior encourages good driving among employees, delivering a positive image for your company and a more productive and environmentally responsible fleet operation.

Decreased Maintenance Expenditure

Servicing a vehicle that doesn’t have a fleet tracking system at regular intervals means that the vehicle could be being checked when it doesn’t need to be. Tracking systems oversee each of the vehicles in your fleet and will alert you when a repair is needed or maintenance needs to be carried out. This also means that damage will be dealt with more quickly, extending the life of the vehicles.

Improved Safety of Employees

Taking measures such as rewarding safe driving and dealing with unsafe driving could increase your employees’ safety. By notifying you of the unsafe drivers, you can ensure sufficient support and training is given to those employees to improve their habits, making them safer when out on the roads.

Enhanced Customer Service

With real-time tracking, you can notify customers of the location of the vehicle and exactly when they will reach a customer. You will be able to track time spent at each location and can easily verify any deliveries or call outs. After all, it is important to balance customer service and fleet goals.

Automated Record Keeping

Fleet tracking systems record all data automatically. This data can then be kept and organized however you choose. This increases the organization and productivity of a business and removes all the wasted time spent filling out handwritten forms and logs. Routes can be scheduled through automation and all completed work hours will be logged automatically.

GPS tracking systems are designed with one goal, to save you as much time and money as possible. It is the innovative car gadgets and technology needed to operate a business efficiently; a computerized system cannot be beaten for productivity, efficiency and competence. Textbook technology.

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