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5 Free FolderShare Alternatives To Create Your Own Personal P2P Server


FolderShare is a software application that was bought out by Microsoft in 2005. Microsoft utilized FolderShare to create Windows Live Sync. This program uses the same FolderShare technology to synchronize files from multiple computers. However, technology has come a long way since 2005. Today, there are dozens of ways that you can share folders and files to multiple computers without having to worry about data security. Below are some FolderShare alternatives that may be helpful for you.

Foldershare Services

What happened with Foldershare? Foldershare was originally a website and software application that allowed for users to create personal peer-to-peer networks. Using this software, you could retrieve and update documents, or share files with family, friends or co-workers. The Foldershare Library became the center of a user’s personal P2P network. However, the company was quickly bought out by Microsoft, to many users’ dismay. The old 2005 software is still available for Google desktop download, but there are many alternatives to consider that have made considerable improvements to create a modern file sharing program.


BeInSync was the original file swapping software that beat out the FolderShare competition. That is why you may want to consider downloading it now, unlike other Elcomsoft alternatives. BeInSync offers a much more intuitive user interface than FolderShare. The software also allows for synchronization of emails and contacts. You will have to pay roughly $10/month to use BeInSync features. However, it is certainly worth it if you want to synchronize emails and contacts in addition to traditional document files. Give it a try.


Cloud computing, the process of storing and accessing data via the internet, has become extremely popular over the years. Dropbox is one of the most well known hybrid cloud services. Whether it is for personal or business use, Dropbox has a storage plan available for you. They offer free storage for up to 2GB of space. For extra storage you can pay a monthly Dropbox pricing fee ranging from $9.99 to $15 per month for each user. This cloud system will allow you to sync files quickly and easily. The best part is that there is no download required. Dropbox operates completely online. You can access your files from any computer at any time. If you want a well-known FolderShare alternative, DropBox is one to consider.

Sugar Sync

Similar to DropBox, Sugar Sync is yet another cloud computing service that you will not have to worry about Windows Live changes affecting. You can save files with Sugar Sync and access them from anywhere. However, unlike DropBox, Sugar Sync allows you to back up your existing folder structure. This added security will bring you peace of mind as you send files back and forth with ease. Sugar Sync is extremely similar to FolderShare in design. Both have an easy to use interface that ensures your files are headed to the right place. If you are considering a file sharing network, you may want to bypass the hassle of a software download and utilize a cloud service. Sugar Sync offers 30 day free trial to prospective users, so you can test it out for yourself. If you are looking for a FolderShare alternative, this free trial is a value to take advantage of.

Folder Transfer

Folder Transfer is extremely similar to FolderShare, even more so than Sugar Sync or Dropbox. Folder Transfer is a downloadable software like FolderShare. However, Folder Transfer has the added benefit of being compatible with remote network sharing. This means that you can share and save files between computer networks and over the Internet. With Folder Transfer, you can sync items between two computers, multiple computers or from one computer to several at a time. This should ease your worries when you are worried about reformatting computer files. Folder Transfer has a free service available with everything you could possibly need. However, for extra features they also have the Professional and Enterprise services available for business use. If you want something versatile and reliable, Folder Transfer may be the right FolderShare alternative for you.

Windows Live Sync

In case these FolderShare alternatives just are not doing it for you, why not try out FolderShare’s replacement program? Windows Live Sync is entirely free, so there is no risk in trying it. This program is certainly more user-friendly than SugarSync, allowing you to add and remove folders from a easy-to-navigate website. Windows Live Sync is available for Macs and PCs, and both versions are very highly rated. If you are saddened at the loss of FolderShare and need a way to transfer Google mail to family and friends, consider its replacement, Windows Live Sync.

FolderShare is a great way to exchange files like electronic media securely over a network. However, new technologies such as cloud sharing offer alternatives to this file sharing software. Dropbox and Sugar Sync are two perfect examples of successful file sharing networks over the internet. Additionally, Folder Transfer offers the added benefit of utilizing private networks and cloud sharing. If you are looking for new ways to share files, consider one of these FolderShare alternatives after downloading Install Watch Pro.

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