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Free Conference Calling Solutions That Don’t Sacrifice Quality


A conference call is a telephone call held between several people with different phone lines at the same time. If you run a business, it is highly likely that you know how expensive conference calls can be. Many people often turn to third-party phone services to maintain the conference bridge, allowing you to contact several clients or other businesses at the same time. However, these services can be even pricier than beeline services. Thankfully, there are ways to get free conference calling without sacrificing quality or convenience. Below are the top websites that offer free conference calling online.


This conference calling platform allows you to host conference calls with up to 100+ attendees. You can use the service to select the time of the call, then choose a unique 7-digit pin to allow people to enter into the conference. You can also use the Telejunctions website in conjunction with your FreeBridge conference call services to email the participants with instructions on how to dial into the call. They will even send a reminder email, so conference call attendees do not forget to dial in. You may choose to use it with free SmartFTP services too, to get the most out of your conferences. If you want a comprehensive, free conference calls solution for large groups, consider FreeBridge.


Since 2001, FreeConferenceCalling, one of the most fitting namespaces, has played host to hundreds of thousands of businesses. They are one of the top five conferencing services in the world with over 250 million users annually. This company offers users conference calls that can host up to 100 people for six hours at absolutely no cost. Additionally, they have free conference call reporting, an online conference manager and conference call reports that outline all attendees. However, FreeConferenceCalling has recently decided to begin offering paid services as well. Alongside their free available options, they also offer free, secure HD audio and video conferencing to clients who are willing to pay the price. Thankfully, their free services still remain for now. This is definitely something you should take advantage of.


UberConference is a great option for small businesses, and will work nicely hand-in-hand with a free FTP software alternative. Their free service allows up to 10 people in on a single conference call. This may be limiting for big companies. However, it is a great, cost effective option for smaller businesses in need of a reliable conferencing service. UberConference offers free conference calling and much more. You can link social media accounts to your UberConference account. This allows you to view more information about people or companies you will be calling. They also offer services for mobile phones. UberConference is a great provider to consider if you only need conferencing abilities for a smaller group.


Calliflower is an excellent hosted VoIP that offers free conference calling service for those who want easy, secure organization. Calliflower offers a wealth of calling options and features. One of these features is an interactive chat window available during your conference. They offer premium services for a price between $9.99 and $59.99 per month. The Calli-Go program is one that does not include a monthly fee. However, they will charge users of the Calli-Go program per minute for each call. Despite this, you will get a bunch of amazing and virtually free services including three-tier security, up to 200 participants per call and document sharing.


Not to be confused with FreeConferenceCalling, FreeConferenceCall is another aptly named free conference call solution for business. This communications service not only offers free conference calls, but free online meetings, as well. You can use helpful recording and sharing features to keep everyone in the loop, even if some cannot attend. If you want free video conferencing in addition to free audio-only conference calls you can listen to with DTS surround sound, consider FreeConferenceCall.


Skype group calls are a convenient, free alternative to the usual conferencing services. Free conference calling is made easy with Skype. All users must have an account. Once they do, they can participate in Skype calls at no cost. You simply have to create a group containing all of the necessary contacts and click “call group.” Additional benefits will come at a cost, however. Skype offers video conference calling for its premium users. You must be willing to pay to have face-to-face conversations with your clients. If your business has no need for video-conference capabilities and just wants to discuss the innovative new mover kit, Skype is a great option to consider.

Join.Me is a fast, intuitive free conference calling product that will help to make business collaboration much more productive via telepresence. Using, there is no need to download software or applications. All you need to do is visit a single website to make conferencing as simple as can be. Schedule calls using and you can be reached from anywhere using the internet browser on your desktop, laptop or even your smart phone. The convenience of conference calls through is undeniable. You may want to give them some consideration.

Whether you have a small three-way call to make or a large group discussion, one of these websites will certainly have what you need. And, conference calling is much more effective than whiteboarding. Free conference calling websites are an excellent resource to help you save money and make your business calls a little easier. Test out one of these services and you will never worry about the costly services you used to use again.

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