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DNS Made Easy Alternatives For Cheap Domain Name Hosting Solutions


DNS stands for Domain Name System. The DNS is essentially a phone book for websites. It is a log of the domain names and their IP (Internet Protocol) counterparts. This allows both parties to utilize domains that are meaningful and easy for them to remember. DNS Made Easy is a website designed for businesses to track the anycast of their domain and its corresponding IP address. TelCan may be great for your home, but DNS Made Easy is the solution for business. Although DNS Made Easy has received favorable reviews, their prices can be a deterrent for small businesses.

Why Does DNS Matter?

If you are wondering “why is DNS so important,” there is a very simple answer to your question. There would be no internet without a Domain Name System, or DNS. The internet is comprised of computers set up in large networks that are identified and communicate via IP addresses. To make it user friendly for the average internet user, DNS is used to translate IP addresses into actual names. If you need a DNS solution, keep reading below.

DNS Made Easy Pricing

Although you can try out these DNS services for free, you will ultimately have to pay for the DNS solution. However, depending upon your budget, you may find that the services provided by this company are well worth the charge. For small businesses, you can expect to pay only $30/year. However, if you need more than ten domains and 400 records, you will have to bump up to their mid-level plan for $60/year. Corporations will have to dig much deeper into their pocket for 50 domains and up to 2,000 records priced at $1,500/year. With the money you save using HPUX, you may be able to afford it. But if not, below are some alternatives to DNS Made Easy that you can use for your business free of charge.


CloudFlare is a popular purveyor of DNS analytics. CloudFlare powers more than 35% of managed DNS domains for free. With CloudFlare you can enjoy global coverage so that your anycast information can be collected from anywhere. You will also receive built-in security for your website. CloudFlare has no query limits, so you can manage extremely popular websites at no extra cost. If you want a reliable, specialized DNS service for your business’ website, consider signing up for CloudFlare.

Duck DNS

Duck DNS is a free dynamic DNS service hosted by Amazon. Unlike DNS Made Easy, Duck DNS has few frills or extra features. That means this may not be the solution for all your new ideas for social media websites. The company will point a Domain Name System to your IP of choice. This makes it easier for computers to connect and remember the particular website. With Duck DNS, you and your customers can have a smoother browsing experience on your business website.

Free DNS

Free DNS is just that – free. This DNS service provides users with free DNS statistics for their site, as well as 5 free host names and 20 free subdomains each for your account. Extra services are available for a price, like cloud security solutions. However, a majority of their features come at no cost. These features include free URL redirection, backup DNS and flexibility with new web hosting providers. If you own a small business and want these extra helpful features, you can find them all at


No IP offers a free DNS services for all types of users across the globe. Their in-house support will ensure that you are happy and your website is running smoothly. Aside from their customer service, No IP offers users 3 host names with their free account. This is significantly less than other websites, because No IP seeks to encourage users to purchase premium services. However, No IP is an excellent option for a small start up if wish to test the waters with a free DNS network. The option to become a paying member can even be comforting because if you like the service you will not have to go searching elsewhere to upgrade. This may be the best option for you if your business is currently small, but you expect it to grow considerably in the near future. If you use this solution alongside SmartOps inventory, your business will be in great shape.


Zonomi offers free DNS hosting with a slew of extra features. With Zonomi’s free service, you will get one free domain name with up to one million DNS queries per month. Similarly to DNS Made Easy, Zonomi has an easy to use interface and reliable service. Additionally, you can upgrade to a Pro DNS service that is extremely cheap. That means your Zonomi account can grow with your business. For now however, you can start out with a single free domain to ensure that your business’ website succeeds.

DNS Made Easy may be a reputable DNS host provider. However, it is not the only provider available. Small businesses may want to look into free DNS services and drive savers. They are widely available and many of them come with features similar to DNS Made Easy’s costly services. Consider what is right for your business to find the perfect DNS service for you.

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  1. Great article but after looking over the reviews of speed, uptime, and price I would hardly think that one could even say “DNS Made Easy’s costly services”. At $29.95 per year for 10 domains names I feel that is a low price for a company that is ranked top in almost all categories.

    Also a corrections on your post.

    DuckDNS doses not do authoritative DNS for your own domain name at all. You would need to use an authoritative DNS provider to CNAME your records to DuckDNS.

    NoIP doses not do authoritative DNS for your own domain name for free. You would need to use an authoritative DNS provider to CNAME your records to NOIP. If you did pay them for DNS for one domain, it would be more expensive per year than DNS Made Easy charges for their 10 domains.

    Zonomi only gives you free DNS for one domain name per year (and only 1 million queries per month).


      Hey Tedd,

      I could see what you mean when that price is for 10 domains. I just wanted to provide some alternatives – no harm meant to DNS Made Easy. I actually have worked with them and think they are a great provider. Thanks for your input!


  2. No doubt. It is great to list other alternatives for the small business or hobby sites.

    Other ones that I would add to the list (although I have not used them) are:
    FreeDNS Afraid
    DNS HE
    Point HQ

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