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7 Best Infographics Tools To Create Eye Catching Graphic Designs


We all know what it is like to sit through a series of boring presentations in a stuffy classroom. Nobody wants to present a dull project, but sometimes it can be hard to be informative and interesting at the same time. This is where infographics come in. With the right infographic tools you can make the facts more eye catching, which will surely grab everyone’s attention. This is especially true if they are accessing the presentation on a large tablet. If you are working on a school presentation, check out our top six infographic tools. is a top pick for many presentation creators. Free, easy to use, and full of thousands of templates to choose from, could be the special boost you need to make your project pop. The site is free to use as long as you have an account. This infographic creation program is perfect for a scholar with a specific purpose. You can incorporate art that perfectly fits your topic so that everyone understands the context of the information. Now, you can add graphic art to your list of skills on your future IT resume. is a simple infographics tool. The site offers inforgraphic templates for you to choose from to create your project. The site offers a free version for you to try out. However, for additional tools and features you will have to pay $15/month. This infographics website is a bit harder to use than some of the others. But, if you are looking for a site with great infographics templates, consider using


Piktochart is another popular presentation option. They have everything from templates to stock images to moods and backgrounds that can help you customize your data display. This is very similar to the capabilities of Adobe Bridge. Along with animation capabilities, Piktochart offers the most expansive choices for free users. Although they offer premium accounts for $15-$29 per month, you can get everything you need done without spending any money. Piktochart is the perfect option for anyone looking to take advantage of a free lifetime account with access to thousands of infographic choices.


Visme is a storytelling tool that will help you to create a compelling presentation. With Visme you can work on a project and access it anywhere. Whether you choose to save it on the cloud, download it or link it on a website, your Visme presentation will always be there when you need it. Everything from reports to wireframes can be done on this free, easy to use infographic tool.


Creately is the perfect choice for group presentations. Creately supports real time collaboration between multiple users, just like ToDoist Premium. This feature allows each person in your group to edit and add to the presentation at the same time from their own remote location. Their infographic designs are colorful enough to keep everyone’s attention, while their interface is easy enough for your whole group to use. For an infographic designed to engage your audience and your teammates, consider using Creately.


Venngage does more than just allows you to create infographics. It also helps you to track and engage viewer results. With this top tool for creating infographics, you can see how people are interacting with your finished product online by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Then, when you bring it to the classroom you can help to enhance everyone’s learning experience.


Another excellent infographic maker is a web-based program called Canva. This online infographic tool allows you to create many different graphic design projects, including brochures, presentations and more. This is perfect if you want to create a step by step unbrick iPhone guide. The best part about Canva? It is free. You can use free design elements, graphics and fonts to create the perfect infographic for your needs. If you want a complete, free graphic design toolkit, consider Canva.

There are dozens of programs for creating infographics available to choose from online. These tools are incredibly useful for innovation managers and graphic artists. Do not let your presentation fall short because of dull visuals. These websites are all designed to help spice up your project, which will surely help you to get an A. Remember to refer back to this post the next time you want to turn some information into a stunning infographic.

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