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Free PowerPoints Online Alternatives To Create Awesome Presentations


In college you are going to run into many group projects, individual presentations and other various assignments that require the use of some kind of PowerPoints. PowerPoints are slideshow presentations created with Microsoft’s PowerPoint program. However, the term PowerPoint has now become a ubiquitous synonym for any kind of slideshow presentation. You do not need Microsoft to create a quality PowerPoint, and you do not need to waste your PayPal gift card to use these free online PowerPoint alternatives. If you have a big assignment coming up, check out the websites below for the perfect place to create PowerPoints online.

PowerPoint Online

If you want to create PowerPoints online, you no longer have to be at a computer that has the program. If you, or someone you know, has a Microsoft account, you can gain access to the software for free online from your cracked phone. Microsoft Online recently released the PowerPoint program as a part of the new online Microsoft Office suite. However, if you do not know anyone with an account that is willing to give your their information, you will have to create an account yourself. This may cost money. So, you may still want to keep looking if you are unable to get access to the new free PowerPoint online program.


Emaze is an excellent site if you want to create visually stunning presentations, whether you are talking about the best headphones under $100 or a more serious professional presentation. They have a service specifically for students and educators in addition to businesses. You are sure to have access to everything you need to create an A+ presentation. Emaze also takes PowerPoints online into the 21st century with the implementation of 3D scenes, video backgrounds and gifs. You can make your presentation fun and engaging with all Emaze has to offer. However, there are some limitations. Their free service only allows you to use ready made templates. You cannot customize your presentation unless you pay a fee. Regardless, they have hundreds of design options to choose from. You may not even need to make your own templates. Emaze is a great option for students looking to make creating PowerPoints online a fun experience.

Glogster Edu

Glogster Edu allows you to create interactive, multimedia posters, much like expensive story telling software. They are exclusively for students and educators so you will need a .edu email to sign up for the site. You will also have to pay a one-time fee of $29.99. Once you do however, you will have access to over 10,000 educational graphics and a ton of new ways to create multimedia PowerPoints online easily. A Glogster Edu account also offers a free iPad-compatible app. You can access, edit and share content anywhere you go. If you are a student on the go, Glogster Edu may offer you the best solution for PowerPoints online.

Google Slides

When it comes to PowerPoints online, Google Slides is probably your best bet. All you need for Google Slides is a Gmail account, which is completely free! Google Slides has a very similar layout to PowerPoint. If you are familiar with that program, you are bound to have an easy time with this. Google Slides is a great option for creating group PowerPoints online because you can share your presentation with your group members with just the click of one button. You can also allow them access to edit it online with Google Slides, even if they do not have a Gmail account! With Google Slides, nobody can get out of doing their part of the project. Google Slides is the best online option if you plan to work with a group.


Prezi is an online program that exploded in popularity the past few years. Many believe that Prezi is replacing PowerPoint in the slideshow presentation market. With Prezi, it is so much easier to create PowerPoints online. They even offer a Google search tool in their program. You can find images or videos to use in the slideshow without switching tabs. Prezi is known for its exciting transitions and unique designs. These will help keep your audience engaged. If you do not want to hear someone snoring in the back of the class while you present your project, consider giving Prezi a try.

Today it is easier than ever to create fun and informative PowerPoints online about everything from NVLAP certification to Benjamin Franklin’s life story. Even without Microsoft, you can make presentations that will definitely earn you a good grade. PowerPoints on the web are available for free. If you need added features, they are also available if you are willing to pay. Depending on what you want, all of these sites can be useful for you in your academic pursuits.

Sharing PowerPoints Online

After you have spent a significant amount of time creating PowerPoint presentations, it feels like a waste to just have them sitting in your documents folder, never to be viewed again. If you have relevant information covered in a presentation that you would like to re-purpose, why not share your PowerPoints online? Using a site like SlideShare by LinkedIn is the perfect solution. Here, you can share your creations with your fellow professionals to improve your industry. You may even create a candystorm with your new content. Do not let the PowerPoint presentations you created online sit in your C: drive collecting dust. Share them instead, for the better of your industry.

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