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Free SmartFTP Alternatives With Fast Multiple Transfer Capabilities


SmartFTP is a file transfer protocol software available for Windows. The SmartFTP software is not free to download. This may dissuade you from wanting to use the service. If so, there are several alternatives available for download that offer the same services at no cost. If you do not have access to shared drive storage and are looking for a free SmartFTP alternative, consider this post. Here are the top free alternatives to consider.


FileZilla is the top free SmartFTP alternative. Across the board, users have consistently rated FileZilla one of the best FTP software available. Filezilla not only provides downloads for FTP Clients, it also offers an FTP Server download, as well. No matter which side of the transaction you are on, FileZilla offers a solution. Many users who have tried both SmartFTP and FileZilla have even gone as far as to say SmartFTP is inferior to its free alternative. If you are finding yourself displeased with the performance of SmartFTP or the features it offers, consider FileZilla. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that the free option offers better FTP solutions.


AceFTP is another free alternative to SmartFTP. This solution is used by many web developers who refuse to pay for the service after paying for their PHP tools. This freeware is an easy to use FTP client software that offers an uncluttered Windows XP-like interface with drag and drop capabilities. AceFTP also affords you the ability to perform multiple file transfers simultaneously. Some users even think that this free FTP client software beats out the best paid-for FTP versions. If you want to be able to execute multiple file transfers at the same time, consider AceFTP.


Core FTP LE is another free alternative to SmartFTP. This software is consistently lauded by users for its unique features. One of these features is its Remote Search capabilities. The Remote Search feature, as its name implies, allows you to search a server for a desired file. While this may seem like an inconsequential capability, other similar programs do not offer this feature. Core FTP LE supports the most widely used protocols including FTP, SSH, SFTP and HTML. The software even allows you the ability to drag and drop. Such a simple concept, yet it really simplifies the file transfer process. Core FTP LE is great if you are not looking for advanced tools and features and just want to transfer your Word document online file. However, if you are in the market for a more comprehensive alternative to SmartFTP, Core also offers a paid version of its software with added features. That program is referred to as Core FTP Pro. If you are in the market for a free alternative with the option to upgrade, consider Core FTP LE.


FireFTP is a rather unique alternative to SmartFTP. This FTP solution is offered by way of an add-on for Mozilla’s Firefox browser. The advantage this provides for platform availability is huge. As long as you have the Firefox browser installed, you are able to download the FireFTP add-on. This is also a considerable advantage for ease of use. The interface is familiar. Even the most novice FTP seekers will be able to get the hang of operating FireFTP. However, if you are looking for some of the more advanced features provided by SmartFTP, this option may not be for you. Given the nature of FireFTP, its ability to perform advanced tasks is limited. If you are looking for a free SmartFTP alternative that is easy-to-use, FireFTP may be the perfect solution to use alongside your favorite book publishing software.


WinSCP is another alternative that you may wish to consider. If the safety of your computer is of the utmost concern, WinSCP may be the SmartFTP alternative for you. This open-sourced software does not bring along any unwanted friends. When downloading WinSCP, you do not have to worry about any PUPs, or potentially unwanted programs, making their way onto your computer alongside the desired software. WinSCP also provides top-of-the-line security for your stored passwords. With many other free SmartFTP alternatives, you may be putting your computer at risk for malware, PUPs or other threats to its health. WinSCP is one of the few open-sourced options that you will not have to worry about.

Proceed With Caution

If you really just cannot see yourself using anything but SmartFTP, there is, of course, an unsavory way to keep using the same service for free, just as there is for VMware Flings. You can always choose to illegally download the paid-for version of the service from a file-sharing marketplace. However, we highly discourage this behavior. Sure, the company may not miss the money, but you will certainly miss your files or your computer as a whole if you unknowingly download unwanted malware as a package deal with your free SmartFTP program file. Do not make this mistake. If you really want a free SmartFTP program, do not put your computer at risk, just put the program on your wish list for the next holiday season.

If you have been searching for a free alternative to SmartFTP, consider the options highlighted in this post. Depending upon your specific needs, you will need to choose one that is right for you. If your needs are basic and you would like a SmartFTP alternative that is simple to use, consider FireFTP or Core FTP LE. However, if your needs are a bit more advanced, you may wish to consider FireZilla. For those who value computer safety above all else, WinSCP is probably your best bet. No matter your needs, you will not go wrong choosing one of the free SmartFTP alternatives listed above.

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