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6 Fun Gaming Websites For Online Gamers

Do you ever get bored at work or school or just lazing about at home? Of course you do! Everyone gets bored once in awhile. But thanks to the internet, fun is always at the tip of your fingers. You just have to know where to look! If you want to have fun online instead of searching for more Brickshelf inspiration again, check out our picks for the best websites to waste some time on.


Pinterest is another excellent place to waste time and have fun in cyberspace, and my personal favorite. This website acts as an online pinboard. You can create boards for anything your heart desires, whether it is a vacation to Disney World, DIY projects, health and fitness tips, recipes or hot trends in fashion. You can easily waste hours browsing the incredibly array of content available on the site, and have a ton of fun while doing so. Not only is Pinterest an excellent way to enjoy time online, it is also chock full of helpful resources for anything from getting finances in order to planning a wedding or losing weight. There is also stuff for males, as well. So no matter your gender, give the Pinterest website a try if you are looking for a good time online.

Addicting Games

Addicting Games in another great way to have fun online, especially if you do not care much for the online casino games. This amusing site offers all different types of games, including strategy games, car games, shooting games, sports games, action games, puzzles, funny games, zombie games and more. They even offer online multiplayer games for those that like to play with friends. If you want a wide variety of entertaining games to have fun while waiting for dinner or listening to Pandora music, visit Addicting Games and check out their many entertaining games. Connect your Facebook account to the site for even more fun with friends.

Grizzly Gambling

If you are an avid gambler, or just love card games and games of chance, I gamble at for fun. This gaming website offers all the best casino games online for free. No need to waste your money to improve your baccarat or blackjack skills. On this digital casino platform, you can play popular games like Caribbean stud poker, craps and slot machines online. In addition, they even offer promotions, so you can brush up your skills and then try your luck, all on one of the most fun websites for those the like casino games.


Are you an avid PokemonGo player? If so, you probably hate the time spent behind a desk, whether it’s a school desk or an office desk, that prevents you from catching them all. Thankfully, the Pokemon website offers a wide array of Pokemon games to play online without having to worry about cyberattacks from sketchy third-party websites. These games are similar to the ones older Pokemon fans will remember from Pokemon Stadium minigames. Use the site to learn more about the newest Pokemon species and have fun playing games online, watching Pokemon TV or just browsing through your Pokedex. The site can also help you have fun offline as well, with a listing of fun Pokemon events in your area. Give it a look. It makes for a great online children game that kids can play on-the-go.


ThinkFun is the final gaming site to make our list. This website offers fun games online to help “ignite your mind.” However, they are not just educational games for kids. The site also offers fun adult games that help to improve strategy and critical thinking skills. Choose from unique games like Code Master, WordARound, Chocolate Fix, Solitaire Chess, Compose Yourself and more. In addition, The ThinkFun app is available in the App Store, Android Google Play Store and even for Amazon devices like the Echo and Dot. If you want to have fun online on the go, or just want to challenge yourself with online strategy games, ThinkFun is a great place to visit.

Arcade Games

Furthermore, there are plenty of fun gaming websites that offer arcade games. Whether you are an online gamer who wants to relive childhood memories at your favorite arcade or you just want to pass the time, these sites are perfect. From kid learning games to adult-targeted ones, the options are endless. With hundreds of arcade games to choose from, you will never get bored. For this reason, check out these gaming websites for online gamers like yourself.

If you are trying to waste a little time having fun online, forget browsing Facebook or refreshing Instagram a million times. That is definitely not fun. Instead, try visiting on of the fun websites mentioned above. No matter whether you like to game or browse great content, there is something for everyone available. Plus, you do not even need a gaming laptop to play these games. If you have a favorite fun website that we did not mention here, comment below and tell us about it!​

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