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5 Futuristic Mobile Technologies That Are In Development Right Now

Mobile technologies are one of the most rapidly progressing products in the world today. Even now, smartphone developers are working on new ways to improve every good smartphone in your pocket. Consumers everywhere look forward to the next release of an Apple or Samsung product. However, if you want to look a little further into the future, take a look at our list of the top 5 upcoming mobile technologies below.

Flexible Screens

One major change coming for smartphones in the future is flexible screens. Consumers want bigger screens without the bulk, and Organic Light-Emitting Diode technology is providing them with just that. These paper thin screens can be folded up to fit anywhere, while also remaining functional as a mobile device. In addition, this feature would lower the risk of breakable technology. Brands like Nokia and Samsung are already testing out this type of technology with the hopes of adapting it to wearable technology, too. This type of research is definitely going to have a big impact on mobile technologies in the future.

Biometric Access

Biometric access is another big hit with technology researchers today. Companies like Google and Apple are working to make mobile technologies safer and more private for the consumer. This is done through things like biometrics, which can replace passwords for the ultimate protection. Apple currently accepts fingerprints as a means of accessing their devices. However, other options are also in the works. Voice activation or even heartbeat monitoring could be the key to unlocking your smartphone in the future.

Speech Translation

Speech translation has been available for some time. However, mobile technologies are taking it to the next level by allowing users to communicate in real time. Rather than waiting for a translation to go through with a third party, smartphones could translate the words as they come and deliver them to the end user in the correct language. This would make a significant difference in communication around the world.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the use of computer generated images in the real world. Consumers got a taste of this technology with the popular Pokemon Go app last year. However, smartphone developers are taking it to the next level and trying upstage the invention of the camera. Soon, you will be able to follow a holographic car to your GPS destination. Additionally, you could also point your phone at a certain live location and receive an overlay of information about nearby cafes and restaurants.

5G Network

Finally, consumers are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 5G network. This is a network that will offer smartphone users much more efficient connectivity. Streaming, file sharing and communication will be faster than ever. Additionally, 5G network promises to reduce battery usage so your mobile technologies can last that much longer while connected.

These innovative ideas could become a reality much sooner than you think. If you are a user of mobile technologies, you will definitely have something to look forward to. Flexible screens, biometric passwords and a 5G network can all help to make the mobile experience that much better. Keep an eye out for these upcoming mobile technologies so that you can be the first to test them out.

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