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Top Firewall Management Solutions To Simplify Firewall Monitoring Now


FWBuilder, also known as Firewall Builder, is an open-source software system designed to simplify firewall management. FWBuilder is popular due to its powerful, easy-to-manage system. Unfortunately, in 2013 the creators of FWBuilder announced that they would suspend development for the beloved software system. Users can still download the latest FWBuilder version on their website. However, with the way technology is rapidly developing the latest version from 2013 will soon become obsolete. But firewall management is still crucial, and due diligence is required for your security. If you are looking for a reliable, easy to use firewall management system it is time to look elsewhere. Below are four great alternatives to FWBuilder.


SecureWorks is a firewall management and monitoring company that offers you the customization capabilities you need and the monitoring services you want. SecureWorks promises to help you provision, deploy, upgrade and patch devices and authentication sites to keep up with the latest threats. They provided firewall management services with 24/7 firewall administration, log monitoring and response to events regarding security and device health. If you want customization capabilities while still benefiting from a hands-off firewall management approach, consider SecureWorks.


A firewall is a security system that determines what kind of traffic can enter and leave a network. Firewalls block unauthorized access from external networks while still allowing outward communication. Shorewall does just that. Consistently ranked as the most similar firewall management service to FWBuilder, Shorewall will be an easy transition from your old favorite. The Shorewall service is simple and all-encompassing. With Shorewall, you can blacklist individual IP addresses, personally control traffic on your network and receive support from a dedicated team. If you want a firewall management service like FWBuilder, look no further than Shorewall.


Smoothwall is another open source project dedicated to making firewall management easier and cyberattacks less harmful. Smoothwall is available for a variety of networks. You can be sure that it will be compatible with your system. With Smoothwall, you can manage and configure the software using your preferred web browser. It is important to have a secure firewall and this system knows how to ensure that. Online threats are constantly finding new ways around security measures. Luckily, Smoothwall has been developed by a talented team. Since 2000, they have continually made improvements on the software. If you are looking for an updated, easy to use system to rely on, Smoothwall may be a good choice for you.


If you want a more advanced system to manage your firewall, consider Ferm. Ferm is the perfect balance between simplicity and dynamic security. Ferm allows you to maintain complex firewalls without having to deal with complex code. With a single command, you can load firewall tools and configure the program to fit your security needs. Ferm makes all of your complex security measures appear in a legible, easy-to-understand format. If you want to maintain a strong firewall with added security, Ferm can help. For the simplicity and power many found in FWBuilder, download Ferm.


If you are truly dedicated to your FWBuilder service, you may be in luck. The FWBuilder developers halted development for their firewall management software so that they are able to take on new projects. NetCitadel is the company behind Firewall Builder. They are now working on development projects that include a firewall management product. How will this be different from the current FWBuilder? Well, you will have to pay for it. NetCitadel is a threat management platform that designs security solutions. Using authentication sites is not enough. You need real firewall protection. If you want to use their service, which will undoubtedly be just as excellent as FWBuilder, then it will cost you. However, if you are willing to spend the time and money in order to get service similar to that of FWBuilder, NetCitadel’s firewall management service may be for you.


FireMon is a firewall management company that offers solutions beyond just security and nonrepudiation. The company offers solutions for CISOs, IT operations, security management and compliance. They provide a security manager for firewall management and also offer insight with enlightening security analytics. These services provide total integration for better visibility, less complexity, and more resources. Your business can definitely benefit from using FireMon, of of the best firewall management companies in the industry.

No matter what service you use, it is important to keep your network secure. FWBuilder did an excellent job of protecting users’ computers. The latest version from 2013 is still available for download. However, it may be time to move on. There are several excellent firewall management systems available out there. Find the one that is right for you.

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