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Drive Free Online Traffic Easily With These Proven Web Traffic Strategies


Oftentimes, generating a healthy supply of traffic is more important than the website itself. A website cannot make money if visitors lack awareness, after all. There are many ways to generate more website visitors. Unfortunately, a lot of these methods involve costs that may stunt the growth of individuals with a smaller budgets. Luckily, there are plenty of free web traffic strategies available. If you are a website owner on a budget, try the strategies in this post. Here are a few ways to generate free online traffic.

Use An Online Database

There are dozens of free databases available online. They provide lists of visitor prospects as well as information on relevant companies. One of the advantages of using databases is that they separate people  into specific industries. Your target audience are compiled for you and are organized for specific targeting. While there are plenty of paid-for services that provide user information, you can access government databases and sites like They make their information available to all users and do not charge a penny. This makes online databases one of the best ways to generate free online web traffic, short of trying to increase internet speed for your page.

Vary Your Content

If you want to drive free online traffic with a simple tip that you can actually do yourself, mix up your content. Vary your content formatting. In addition, it will not hurt to vary the length of your content, as well. Consider using story telling software to make this a reality. This will help make your content more appealing to a diverse variety of readers. Break up your written content and posts with infographics and video. This tip is sure to drive traffic to your website.

LinkedIn Advanced Searches

LinkedIn is a social media site with an enormous user-base. It is great for online traffic generation because it focuses entirely on professionals. You can use its advanced search features to look for individuals in specific industries. In addition, you can use users’ profiles to determine their relevance as website visitors. LinkedIn accounts are free to create and its services are always free to use. It is a great source for generating free traffic.

Social Engagement

Industry conventions are great places to connect with fellow professionals. You can engage in face-to-face interaction and give out website information to everyone you meet. Social engagement is effective. It allows you to build rapport with website visitors, especially on Youtube. You can build a substantial following similar to Hampton Creek YouTube channel with many followers.  This heightens your chances of being able to make use of those leads in the future. It is also great for website owners on a budget. The only resource you need is your own time and a couple of useful Facebook statuses. Interacting with fellow professionals is a time-tested website traffic strategy.

Start A Referral Program

Referral programs generate leads by multiplying your existing traffic sources. By providing incentives like free giveaways, you can encourage your visitors to provide referrals to their networks. Traffic generated through referrals are often better than traditional visitors for a number of reasons. Referred website visitors are more likely to become followers which increases your website stickiness. They are being recommended by people they know or trust. They also require less time and effort because they are being generated by third-parties. While your incentives may eat into your profits, referral programs themselves are free to operate. These programs are an effective way to generate free online website traffic.

Consider Traffic Generators

While this may not be the most scrupulous of business practices, it is certainly effective. If you need a quick boost to your traffic and are not concerned about long-term sustainability, you may want to consider one of the many free website traffic providers available on the web. These sites provide free online traffic after creating an account with their service. Consider sites like 10kHits and TrafficSwarm as a last ditch effort to generate traffic for your websites, gamesites or blogs right away.

Websites thrive when they successfully generate traffic. Visitors determine how far your company’s reach is. They also determine how you are going to perform in social engagement. If you are worried about the costs of getting website traffic for your minisite, you can use free online databases or start referral programs to get people coming to you. Incorporate any one of the strategies in this post into your website operations. You will find yourself generating free online traffic in no time.

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