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Genetic Testing Technology Makes DNA Analysis Consumer Friendly

Genetic testing technology has finally hit the point of consumer viability. Now, genetic testing services for consumers are popping up all over the web. Some people want to purchase a hereditary genetics test to get to know their family lineage better. Others are seeking genetic tests to determine their own risk of breast cancer or the risk of their child having genetic disorders. If you are going to be buying a genetic testing kit for whatever reason, you want to know about the different types of genetic screening technology available. The different types of genetic tests mentioned below will help you pick the best genetic testing services for your particular needs.


Biochips are a brand new form of gene testing technology using microchips. They can also be referred to as DNA arrays or microarrays. Biochip technology is developed with DNA probing technology. These biochips can detect whatever DNA mutations or sequences it is encoded to look for. Then, when it finds those DNA sequences present in a test sample, it lights up in certain areas depending on what it has found. These brand new types of genetic testing services promise to make DNA testing easier and more comprehensive.


FISH stands for fluorescence in situ hybridization. Simple put, these gene tests use fluorescence to determine whether or not certain RNA targets are present in cells. The fluorescence can detect missing DNA sequences in chromosomes. They can also find additional chromosomes if they are present. This type of genetic testing technology has been around since the 80’s. It is a longstanding technology solution for DNA testing needed for genetic counseling or similar medicinal purposes. If you hope to get a genetic test done for medical purposes, FISH tests may be the best solution.

Gene Tests

Gene tests are another commonly used form of medical testing. These types of technologies can detect and identify changes in chromosomes, proteins and genes. That makes molecular genetics tests one of the best types of DNA testing to determine whether or not you will develop a specific disorder or genetic condition. Gene tests are one of the most common types of technology used to determine if someone has the so-called “breast cancer gene,” also known as BRCA. If you need to get tests to determine the probability of you getting breast cancer, gene testing technology is one of the best ways to do it.

Biochemical Genetics

Biochemical genetic testing studies the enzymes present in the human body. These tests can be done using blood samples or urine samples. They can also be conducted on spinal fluid, amniotic fluid or other types of tissue samples and microparticles. Biochemical genetic tests can detect over 200 different enzyme defects. Typically, a genetic counselor will refer patients to have a biochemical gene test done when they have a family history of a certain genetic disorder. You may still want to know this type of technology is available to you however, particularly if you do have a family history of genetic disorders.

Chromosomal Tests

Chromosomal testing includes Karyotyping tests and FISH analysis tests, mentioned above. These types of chromosomal tests analyze a person’s chromosomes. They determine the structure, number and arrangement of these chromosomes. Karyotyping, in particular, creates a complete image of all the chromosomes present in a single person’s body. This image is particularly useful for detecting extra chromosomes. Therefore if this is your concern, chromosomal genetic testing is one of the best genetic testing solutions for you to consider.

If you are searching for consumer DNA tests to learn more about your family history or your personal health, you want to know about the different forms of genetic testing technology applications available. Unfortunately, these are not the types of technology you can learn about by attending the Flash Memory Summit, however.  These different DNA testing services can help you learn all you could possibly want to know. Just be sure to search for the type of gene testing technology that is appropriate for what you are trying to do. This way, you can get accurate results that actually benefit your personal health and well-being.

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