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GetResponse Software Features For Streamlined Marketing Automation

A well-planned marketing strategy with effective techniques is essential to get a brand in the limelight, increase website stickiness and raise the bottom line of a company. It not only attracts new customers but also keeps the brand name alive in the market for an extended period. However, because of insufficient time and resources, most small business owners often neglect this fundamental component of business development. As a result, their brand fails to survive the rigorous market competition and faces a downfall.


According to a recent research, most small companies don’t have a highly qualified and fully specialized team of experts to monitor each of its different aspects. Instead, it is usually the business owner or the co-founders of the company who supervise budgeting, HR development, production, marketing, and promotions – in short, all the major facets of business development. It leaves them too occupied to come up with an efficient digital media marketing and advertising plan to make their product stand out in the market. Moreover, when it comes to online marketing, the field demands additional skills for raising brand awareness and interactivity with clients, which comes out as another challenge that entrepreneurs find difficult to battle.

In order to help all such small scale business owners, there are several marketing automation tools. They have been developed with an easy-to-use interface and multiple customization options to help struggling entrepreneurs raise the market value of their brand. One such highly specialized tool is GetResponse Marketing Automation.

Basically, GetResponse is a renowned email marketing software provider that started rendering its supreme quality services to people back in 1997. Taking it a step further, this year, it has expanded its area of expertise and is now serving over 350,000 customers worldwide via its new marketing automation tool.

This marketing software aims to target small-scale businesses that are looking for adequate opportunities to make a striking appearance in the market. It doesn’t demand immense time and resources. Rather, once installed and processed, the system can be left to run without continuous assistance or supervision. This way it helps entrepreneurs manage their precious time and raise their productivity.

Marketing automation tools are usually divided into three subclasses which are beginners’ marketing, advanced marketing, and advanced marketing and CRM functionality. GetResponse Marketing Automation falls in the second category. Platforms like these aim to connect different email marketing initiatives and open new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Other features of this tool have been listed below.

Salient Features of GetResponse Marketing Automation Tool

Email Marketing


Email marketing is the most common element of all the marketing automation tools. However, when it comes to GetResponse, it uplifts the overall standard of promotions via emails. It is the only system that comes with the tagging and scoring options, thus yielding a better result for the sent emails.

Not only this, but it also provides over 500 templates for email newsletters and 1000 royalty-free images to create personalized templates, that too without any additional charges.

GetResponse Email Marketing Features

If you choose to use the email marketing software from GetResponse, there are some useful tools you should definitely become familiar with. In addition to the drag and drop email editor tools, the email marketing software offers other helpful features. GetResponse also provides autoresponders, advanced analytics, A/B testing, scheduling and forms tools. This is a truly comprehensive email marketing software.

Workflow Planner


This is one thing you would definitely want. With the help of workflow planner, you can formulate a highly sophisticated marketing strategy with appropriate actions, filters, ranges, and conditions. Every option has furthermore classifications that will fit your needs perfectly for tasks like digital display advertising.

Traffic and Stats Management and Tracking

Traffic tracking is truly an extraordinary feature of GetResponse. It allows you to analyze the priorities of your clients at a cellular level and then resolve their issues to boost growth.


With this option, you can monitor the behavior of your visitors on your page and make changes accordingly. For example, if you have an ecommerce website, you can closely examine the factors that result in your customers leaving their shopping carts in the midway of shopping.

This way, you can work on the factors that are becoming major turn offs for customers, and further improve the features of your website. Also, you can send targeted emails and newsletters to your regular clients to keep them updated about your latest arrivals and discounts.

Landing Page Builder

In the simplest words, a landing page can be described as the primal platform where visitors land. With limited options to navigate and explore, it aims to direct customers in a specific direction and advertise a certain aspect of a page or brand. Landing pages play a major role in making visitors your consistent customers.


However, when it comes to the development of landing pages, it is not a piece of cake. It demands not only proficient technical abilities but also captivating web designs and appealing ideas to target an audience. With abilities like infographic tools, you would have the ability to do it all yourself.

GetResponse comes with a variety of templates to simply add a copy and tweak landing pages. This way, it not only guides your traffic in a specific direction; but also saves a lot of your precious time without compromising on advertising techniques.

Webinar Software


Now you will be amazed to know that GetResponse is so far the only email marketing service provider that has introduced webinar software for its clients. Using this software, you can conduct seminars, sessions, and meetings online, and attract more email subscribers to your email marketing list. Not only this, but it also offers pre-designed registration page, landing page as well as thank you page templates. Without even logging in, your attendees can easily use all these options provided by webinar.

Easy-to-Use Setup and Interface

Since the aim of this tool is to target and help small-scale business people, who usually don’t have adequate technical abilities required for online marketing. It comes with a user-friendly interface. Because of its simple yet modern software, GetResponse is quite easy to get along with.

Wide Range of Integration Options

Unlike other email marketing apps, it doesn’t restrict you to a few handful options but provides you with an extensive list of 137 apps to select from. Regardless of your ecommerce platform, you will find the right integration. However, if there’s still any app that you wish to use for marketing purposes but is not listed, you can always submit an application for its considerations.


Affordable Price

When it comes to price, GetResponse comes with a wide range of options, unlike most other cloud computing companies. Depending on your budget and need, you can select an appropriate package. It has four options that include email marketing for $14 per month, Pro for $49 per month, Max for $165 per month, and Enterprise that will cost $799 per month. Among all these packages, Pro is the most popular and appreciated.

The image below will let you evaluate its pricing in detail:


After going through all the essential features of GetResponse, it is quite evident that this email marketing tool is potentially a breakthrough for all small-scale companies, including citizen journalists. Now they too can withstand the demanding market competition without spending an enormous amount of time and resources.

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