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5 Versatile Gimbal Straps To Lengthen Your Photo Shoots

There are several versatile gimbal straps to help stabilize your shots. Gimbals are a great tool or tech accessories for stabilizing video when on the move. Although helpful, gimbals are heavy and can cause shot quality to decrease when a photographer’s arm gets tired. As a professional photographer, you need to be ready to capture the perfect shot whenever it presents itself. Stay ready with a versatile gimbal strap for your setup. Read on for versatile gimbal straps to lengthen your photo shoots.

Shoulder Straps

To begin, shoulder straps are great for lengthening your photo shoots. These straps are designed to optimally disperse weight across your shoulders for better and longer operation of your gimbal. With standardized thread holes, these straps easily mount onto most gimbals. The adjustable length of these straps makes them accessible to professional photographers of any height and size. Comfortable padding on the shoulder straps decreases wear on your body as you grab the perfect footage of an event. Special link systems allow for quick detachment from your gimbal in a situation where you need to think fast. Surely, shoulder straps are a great option for lengthening your photo shoots.

Neck Straps

Second, neck straps are a versatile tool to lengthen your photo and video shoots. These straps are short for optimal control over your camera lens. Reduce shooting fatigue by comfortably dispersing your gimbal’s weight across your neck. Two-factor security clips on these straps prevent slippage while moving quickly and even allows for one handed operation of your gimbal. Mount clamps are compatible with limited cameras on these straps. Most neck straps are adjustable so your can customize your perfect fit. Definitely, neck straps optimize your range of movement to lengthen your video and photo shoots.

Wrist Straps

Next, a terrific option for lightweight gimbals is a wrist strap to help secure your hardware while shooting with versatility. Prevent drops with a wrist strap made for lightweight mobile gimbals. These adjustable straps can fit snugly around your forearm to make carrying your gimbal safe and easy. Let your camera sit safely by your side while waiting to capture the perfect shot. Wrist straps are an incredibly affordable option with some brands selling safety under $10. Of course, a wrist strap is a versatile option for lightweight gimbals to extend your photo shoot length.

Belt Straps

To continue, belt straps are a versatile option for lengthening the time you have to capture beautiful footage before tiring. These straps are designed to transfer camera weight from your arms to your hips. A threaded aluminum cup holder on the front of the belt supports a wide variety of gimbals. Belt straps has adjustable height just like a regular belt, but attached via a clip rather than a buckle. Made of various materials to optimize strength and comfort, they can carry the weight of your camera and gimbal for you. This belt is also great for extending your gimbals vertically to shoot higher overhead. In short, belt straps are a versatile option for extending your shoots.

Vest Straps

Then, vest straps are a very strong, versatile option to support the weight of your gimbal and camera to extend the life of your shoot. Vest straps are built to ergonomically distribute gimbal and camera weight throughout the strongest part of your body – the core. These straps are made to carry the most weight out of any strap on this list. Use up to two gimbals at the same time with vest straps for versatile angles. Both the shoulder and waist straps are adjustable on vest straps for optimal comfort and weight distribution. Vest straps also use versatile 1/4″-20 threads for adding other accessories. All in all, vest straps are a versatile option to support gimbal and camera weight to extend your photo shoots.

There are several versatile gimbal straps that lengthen the life of your photo shoot. First, shoulder straps offer clean weight distribution across your back and neck to help take weight off your arms. Then, neck straps distribute weight over your neck, but offer versatile control with a short strap length. Continuing, wrist straps are ideal to help secure smaller gimbals for handheld devices. Further, belt straps distribute weight across your hips and are ideal for getting high overhead shots. Also, vest straps can carry a ton of weight and provide all day comfort while getting the professional footage you need. The above list of versatile gimbal straps are amazing tech gifts that will definitely lengthen your shoot capacity.

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