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How Google Cloud Vision API Uses Machine Learning To Build Metadata

Google Cloud Vision is a new Google tool for developers that makes it easier to build metadata for images. For those of you who are interested in learning about web development and how to become a web developer, learning about the Google Cloud Vision API should definitely be part of the process. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular web development tools in use. Learn all you need to know about the new Google Cloud Vision API and what it can do to make building metadata easier below.

What Is Google Cloud Vision?

Google Cloud Vision API is a tool that enables web developers to identify and understand an image entirely. The program provides insight into the contents of image using machine learning models. The Google Cloud Vision API is an easy-to-use REST API based program, making it accessible for developers of all skill levels. There are many things that the Cloud Vision tool can be used for. Keep reading to learn all about the various Google Cloud Vision uses that you may want to take for a test drive below.

Detect Inappropriate Content

The Google Cloud Vision API can be used to detect inappropriate content within images. This makes it easy to automate web monitoring processes for electronic media. That can be particularly helpful for websites that utilize a lot of user generated content, or UGC. When it comes to monitoring user generated content for explicit or inappropriate content, the Google Cloud Vision API is one of the best tools to automate those tasks.

Reveal Image Attributes

Cloud Vision also makes it easier for developers to detect general image attributes, like dominant colors or similar. This can be an extremely helpful program for those that prefer to stick to a particular website color scheme for their ICANN domain names. It is also helpful for web development students, like you, who may want to use an image as inspiration for website design ideas. Detecting image attributes also provides insight into data that may impact page views or CTR. While simple, this is one of the most useful Cloud Vision features available for development.

Identify Faces & Logos

If you need to identify faces and logos within an image, Cloud Vision by Google can help you out. The Google API includes features that can detect logos and multiple faces within an image. The service can even conduct further analysis and identify faces wearing headwear or provide insight into the emotional state of faces. The potential applications of this are unlimited. That is why the Google REST API is such an important tool for hopeful developers to familiarize themselves with.

Label Images

Google Cloud Vision API features also include the primary function of label detection. The tool can be used to identify broad sets of categories within any number of images. This makes it easier to classify and organize data. Data analysis is a key component of developing and improving web content that consumers want to read and engage with again and again. If you are going to break into a career in development, make sure you play around with the Google Cloud Vision REST API. This way, you can be sure to have the skills you’ll need to find a job in web development.

There are many things that future web developers need to learn that cannot be taught in an Akamai class. Out of all of the web development tools out there, the Google Cloud Vision API is one of the most important for you to start familiarizing yourself with now. This new Google API for web development makes it easy to gain insight into images and organize them for further analysis. Then, it is up to you to turn that insight into real outcomes for your future website design projects.

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