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Top Google Desktop Replacements For A Pleasant User Experience


Google Desktop is a computer program that was first launched by Google back in 2004. Google Desktop allowed users to find files, photos and emails through a quick search. It also several other features known as Google Gadgets. Unfortunately, elgoog will not help you find the program. Google Desktop was discontinued in 2011. The company claimed it became obsolete due the growth of cloud storage and other built-in search functions made available in most computers. However, thankfully there are several alternatives available today for you to download. This post will highlight some of the best.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is not exactly the same as Google Desktop. However, it is certainly a very useful tool for users to consider, just like Adobe Audition CS6 software. The Chrome Remote Desktop extension allows you to remotely access another computer from any Chromebook or Chrome browser. This makes it easy to access your home computer from work and vice versa. The possibilities are endless with this remote desktop solution. Consider downloading it as an addition to some of your favorite Google Desktop alternatives.


One of the most dearly missed features of Google Desktop is its search capabilities, especially when you have been searching for that lossless file for twenty minutes already. With Google Desktop you could instantly find the files you were looking for on your computer. Now that it was discontinued however, Everything is a favorable replacement. Available for download on, Everything is an app that is free for Windows. It will allow you to locate files and folders by name on your computer, just like the beloved Google Desktop.

X1 Pro

X1 Pro is another Google Desktop replacement for the search features it used to have. You can try the service for free thanks to the X1 Pro free trial, just as is the case with free SmartFTP trials. This specified desktop search utility is one of the newest available. However, it promises to be even better than the old Google Desktop search capabilities. This is certainly an alternative to consider.


Another great feature of the Google Desktop gadgets was the weather app located on its sidebar. It showed you the current weather for your preferred location. Thankfully, the equally useful WeatherBug app is available. It may be even better than the Google Desktop version. However, it may not be the best things for your supplicant security measures. WeatherBug provides you with live temperatures, wind speeds and even a future forecast. This information is available through quick and easy to understand visuals. This little app goes above and beyond the Google Desktop gadget. However, Google Desktop did have the added bonus of a single download for so many great features. If you were especially a fan of the Weather app in Google Desktop, the Weatherbug app is the perfect replacement.

Gmail Offline

If you need constant access to your email, the discontinuation of Google Desktop may have come as a blow for you. Still, there are ways around it. Google Chrome offers a Gmail Offline extension. This allows you to send and receive emails on your Gmail account, even when you are offline. However, you will have to open the browser to access it. The email will not be directly on your desktop. This is still great news for those of us who need to be constantly connected. Gmail offline provides a valuable alternative to the mail capabilities provided by Google Desktop.

BBC News Desktop Ticker

Google Desktop’s appeal largely came from web clips and up-to-date news stories featured right on your desktop. Luckily, there are plenty of news sites that have desktop apps available for download without the need for an Office update Mac edition. BBC has one of the best. It allows you to choose between a constantly-running headlines across the bottom of your desktop or receive hourly updates on the latest news. This is a worthwhile alternative to the news gadget of Google Desktop if you want to stay in the know.

Copernic Desktop Search

If you really still feel the sting of the loss of Google Desktop, you may want to consider a desktop search alternative that is strictly a desktop search tool without any additional geolocation software to compromise your security. Copernic is the answer to your issue. Copernic Desktop Search does the exact same thing that Google Desktop used to do, but much faster. Thanks to Copernic’s improvements in searching speeds, you can access any file quicker than ever before. Users of the program have rated it a four and a half on a five point rating scale. So if you want to best desktop search program to replace Google Desktop, consider the Copernic alternative.

Google Desktop was laid to rest in 2011 after the latest Windows 10 review. However, there are plenty of alternatives available for users who want to create a similar experience on their desktop. You may have to make a few extra downloads for every feature, but the useful apps will be worth it. Consider the applications listed in this post. Soon you will have a similar experience to the one provided by Google Desktop that we all knew and loved.

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