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Everyday GPS Tracker Uses Make Privacy Concerns A Nonissue

GPS tracking has been a hot topic in the tech sector for quite a number of years. That debate surrounding GPS tracking and personal privacy has now culminated in a Supreme Court case you have probably been hearing about on the news – Carpenter v. United States. Regardless of which side of the debate you stand on, you probably still care about GPS trackers and how they can be used in everyday life. This is especially true if you are the type of tech lover who wears geek t-shirts most days of the week.  Learn all about GPS tracker uses that tech-geeks like yourself can benefit from below.

Visual Journaling

A GPS tracker can make visual journaling possible. This can be an awesome application of GPS technology for those that like reminisce and reflect on not just vacations but day-to-day life too. GPS tracking on your phone can be used through certain apps to record location and sync pictures from your camera roll to those locations. Then, you can browse through by date, location or even face to look back at the memories that mean the most to you. This is quite a unique application of GPS tracking technology that many tech geeks do not even know about.

Roadside Support

GPS tracking makes road side support more efficient than ever. GPS satellites can pick up the location of your car when you make a call to your roadside assistance service. Those same satellites also track the location of the service vehicle nearest your broken down car. This makes roadside wait times much shorter for you to getresponse and roadside support more efficient overall. This is certainly something everyone can be thankful for, even those that are not the biggest fans of GPS locating services.

Mapping & Surveying

GPS devices are often used to mapping and surveying projects done by municipalities and private companies alike. Using a GPS tracker to map and survey land for potential projects is cheaper than older methods. It is also a much quicker process than the traditional mapping and surveying methods used in the past. This may not benefit you directly. However, it is certainly beneficial for communities and businesses at large.

Find Missing Items

GPS tracker apps have been developed to help you find the missing items you lose track of daily. Things like car keys, your wallet or your cell phone are items that many people lose track of throughout the course of their busy day. Now, a GPS tracker device can be attached to those items you lose frequently. This way, whenever they get misplaced, all you have to do is log onto an app on your phone and locate them with GPS mapping. Clearly, this is one of the best applications of GPS technology for scatterbrained gadget geeks.

Keep Pets Safe

A GPS tracker implant can also keep your beloved pets safe. Almost all household pets are implanted with a microchip just a few days after they are born. This microchip can then be used to locate lost pets quickly. Then, all the pet owners have to do is log onto a website to track their pet using their GPS location. This has led to a lot less heartache and a lot more warm reunions for pet owners all over the country, all thanks to the supercomputer GPS power packed into a tiny, subdermal implant. If you are an animal lover, GPS tracking technology can totally revolutionize what it means to be a pet owner.

Everybody loves GPS tracking technology when it is helping them improve their everyday lives. But, when a GPS tracker in your phone gets you in trouble, you probably will not appreciate it as much. In this time of debate surrounding GPS trackers and their impositions on privacy, keep these GPS uses in mind. These applications of GPS technology prove just how useful it can be. Now, go ahead and decide the GPS tracker apps you want to start using in your life. You know you want to.

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