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How To Create Great Instagram Ads That Drive User Engagement

Social media advertising is some of the most powerful digital advertising that marketers can leverage to spread the word about their companies. Recent dips in Facebook usage figures have earned Instagram the top spot ahead of other mobile apps on the list of best social media platforms to advertise on. But, it is important to understand how to advertise on Instagram if you are a business owner who wants to capitalize on the opportunity. Great Instagram ads are easy to spot. However, unless you know the strategies that went into creating them, they are not easy to create. Find out how to create great Instagram ads that get users clicking below.

Videos Catch Eyes

Video ads are a great way to catch users attention on Instagram. However, they have to be short and to the point. Long videos stand the chance of getting ignored and scrolled right past. Videos that quickly highlight potential user value make for some of the best Instagram ads. Beautiful scenes and images with quick flashes of large, bold print should be effective. Regardless of whether or not you choose to create them with Adobe Spark Video software, leverage video Instagram ads to help your business grow and succeed.

People Love Food

Instagram users love food, or at least pictures of food. The #food hashtag is used on over 254 million photos on Instagram. If you are able to, this makes it a great idea to incorporate food pictures into your advertisements for the platform. Food pictures taken with excellent lighting that shows texture and contrasting colors perform best. Make Instagram ad viewers hungry with your in-app advertisements. If you can make them drool, you can make them buy.

Short, Witty Copy Works

For Instagram advertisements, you want your copy to fit the style of the platform. That means utilizing short, witty copy instead of large blocks of text. The more print in your Instagram ad, the less likely users are to pay attention to it. Text does not grab attention, especially not on a visual platform like Instagram, which is driven primarily by photographs. Concise, attention grabbing copy will help you create great Instagram ads. Just be sure to make good use of hashtags too.

Native Should Be Natural

Native advertising, like the kind of ads found on Instagram timelines, should be natural. Avoid overly promotional photos for your in-app ads. If you use photos that are overly salesy, Instagram users will scroll right past them. The users on this platform appreciate a natural quality in their advertisements. Utilize natural, visually appealing or artistic pictures to showcase your products or services, like the Bumtop app does. This is sure to help you create effective Instagram ads that drive user engagement.

Carousel Over Single Picture

Carousel Instagram ads are much more effective at driving user engagement than standard one-photo ads. Carousel ads are those that include multiple images or videos. Users can scroll through them by swiping left to see more. These types of digital ads help you show users more visual content without having to clog up their timelines. Consider creating carousel ads to boost user engagement for your marketing strategies.

If you are a business owner, you can improve marketing outcomes easily by designing Instagram ads. But, designing great Instagram ads takes a little bit of knowledge about what works on the platform. The best social media ads, also known as native advertisements, are those that align with the style of the platform they will be shown on. Use the design tips above to help you create Instagram ads that drive user engagement and improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing outcomes overall. You will not regret it, even if you are not a digital native.

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