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How Greenpages Technology Solutions Simplifies Business Virtualization


GreenPages Technology Solutions is a systems integrator and cloud services company founded in 1992. They work to help businesses and organizations undergo major transitions in their IT department. In addition, they can help business make small changes to keep up with the rapidly changing industry. If you are a business owner looking for computer repair services, look elsewhere. However, if you are looking to improve upon your IT department, GreenPages Technology Solutions may be an excellent company to consider. They have received a variety of different awards throughout their years in business. If you are looking into GreenPages Technology Solutions for your business, take a look at some of their awards below.  They may help you to make your decision.

Cisco: Small Business Partner of the Year In The Americas East

GreenPages Technology Solutions is often applauded for its versatile IT services. They are able to work successfully with both large and small companies. Cisco, a worldwide IT leader, recognized this. GreenPages Technology Solutions was presented the Small Business Partner of the Year Award for its region. This award recognizes exemplary business practices. GreenPages Technology Solutions is considered a role model for its industry in the region. If you are looking for a business that you can trust to help you succeed with a variety of Oracle applications and other technology solutions, GreenPages may be the one for you.

Cisco: Customer Satisfaction Excellence Award

GreenPages Technology Solutions received Cisco Gold Certification in 2013. This certification recognized GreenPages as an expert in the technology field, meeting the rigorous standards of Cisco. Additionally, GreenPages Technology Solutions was also awarded the Customer Satisfaction Excellence Award. This award, which was based on both customer feedback and an assessment by Cisco, recognized GreenPages Technology Solutions commitment to customer service. GreenPages Technology Solutions works to provide the best tools necessary for their clients, like NAS storage. If you want to work with a company that will always act in your best interest, consider working with GreenPages Technology Solutions.

Dell: North East Partner of the Year for Technology Delivery Excellence

GreenPages Technology Solutions was awarded Dell’s North East Partner of the Year award for their technology delivery excellence. This company achieves high marks across the board, from customer service to IT innovation. You will never have to worry about taking an Akamai class to learn how to do these things yourself. The award was given for GreenPages Technology Solutions’ outstanding technical training and support of Dell customers. Aside from being a Cisco Gold Certified business, GreenPages is also a Dell Premier Partner and GeoPartner. If you want to work with an IT business that is celebrated by giants in the industry, GreenPages Technology Solutions is the perfect company for you.

Microsoft: U.S SMB Champions Club Northeast Partner of the Year

The U.S SMB Champions Club is Microsoft’s program that supports industry leading partners who are committed to advancing their SMB Cloud business with Microsoft. GreenPages Technology Solutions was awarded the Northeast Partner of the Year for this club in 2014. As a member of this program, GreenPages Technology Solutions has access to useful tools in the IT industry that can help your business grow. Clearly, this company offers way more than just computer repair services. If you want access to resources from companies like Microsoft and Dell, GreenPages Technology Solutions is a great small-business option for you.

Who Should Use Greenpages?

Greenpages technology virtualization solutions are tailored to a specific audience. The company provides enterprise level service for small and midsize businesses. In addition, they offer much more than just services to create outlook email accounts.Clients of the virtualization company vary in size from small businesses with just five employees all the way up to small enterprises that employ several thousand employees. Greenpages seeks to solve technical and business challenges with Axcient. This offers improved enterprise level data protection and disaster recovery services to your business, as long as you operate a SMB.

Not Just Services

GreenPages is clearly doing something right when it comes to the services they provide. However, they are also leading the way for industry development using electronic media. GreenPages offers tons of events and live and on-demand webinars throughout the year that cover important topics, such as “20 Critical Security Controls Every Modern Company Should Have,” “IT Execs on Moving to Managed Services,” and “The Hyper-Converged Landscape: What’s New What’s Hot, What’s Possible.” These offerings are not only interesting and informative, they are an important part of what makes GreenPages an award-winning company.

Another Useful Resource

In addition to GreenPages Technology Solutions, there is another type of Greenpages that may be of use to business owners. However, it has nothing to do with technology topics, like an FXO guide. is a website backed by an organization called GreenAmerica. This group advocates for environmental and ecological friendliness. Their Greenpages website is a useful resource to find green, healthy and ethical products and services in one single search. If you want to use ethical business practices, consider finding vendors and suppliers on the website.

GreenPages Technology Solutions has been recognized by some of the largest tech companies in the industry. Their excellent customer service, mobile engagement and exemplary business practices make them the perfect candidate to help revamp your business’ IT department. If you are looking to work with IT experts who are recognized in their field, GreenPages Technology Solutions may be the IT service company for you.

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