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6 Best Grocery Ecommerce Platform Features With Supermarket Software

There is a variety of grocery ecommerce platforms available at developers’ fingertips. The world of online grocery shopping is growing due to the many advantages it offers consumers. Naturally, it rids people of the boredom of waiting in lines at the supermarket. Parents don’t have to bring their rambunctious children through the crowded aisles. The most significant benefit may be that people are able to save tons of time by purchasing their groceries online. As a developer, you must consider how to make an online grocery store stand out from the rest. Ecommerce development has certainly evolved over the last two decades, especially within the food and beverage industry. Read on to discover grocery ecommerce platform features to launch the best online store.

Multi-Channel Integration

The ecommerce platform you choose for the company who hired you should provide multi-channel integration. Potential customers are most likely very familiar with social media. There’s a very good chance that they have had experience purchasing products on social media as well. Therefore, it’s a good idea to provide them with the option to purchase groceries from your site on different marketplaces using electronic media. By giving them these options, you are likely to get more traffic on your site, which you can track by using media monitoring tools. Having this feature on your platform will create a simple shopping experience for your customers and prove to them that the company is up-to-date.

Customizable Options

You’re well aware, as a developer, that customizing your own design is a crucial feature. You don’t want the site to look or function in the exact same ways as competitors’ sites. Grocery ecommerce platforms range from providing little to no customizable options to full customization power. Some platforms will allow you to integrate your inventory control software. Use a platform with customization power that falls somewhere in the middle. Before choosing a grocery ecommerce platform, consider which ones allow you the right amount of customization room for you.

Efficient Search Function

As stated above, one of online grocery shopping’s biggest perks is the fact that it saves people time. With that being said, customers need to be able to search and find the items they’re looking for quickly. Having an efficient search function is beneficial for this reason. It also provides an advantage for employees. They, too, will be able to easily track down a certain food or beverage product when necessary. This could create a better customer service reputation for the online grocery store you’re developing for.

Multiple Payment Methods

Offering consumers the ability to pay using multiple payment methods is one way to stand out from competition. Using digital banking options can help improve your business, because it is more convenient for the customers. Some popular options to offer include pay upon delivery, credit card, and PayPal. Moreover, these different options will allow for more sales. Provide your customers with the assurance that regardless of which payment method they choose, the checkout process will be secure. Make sure multiple payment methods is a key feature offered to you on a grocery ecommerce platform.


Having a mobile-friendly site can make online grocery shopping as easy and quick as possible. Consider this when deciding on a grocery ecommerce platform. Providing customers with this feature will allow them to purchase from the grocery store anywhere, anytime. Of course, you can always build a separate website that’s mobile-friendly or even develop an app. However, you could save yourself a lot of grief if you choose a platform that is responsive with mobile devices. Incorporating this feature while developing could really benefit the company you’re working for.

SEO-Ready Grocery Commerce Platform

Next, your grocery commerce platform should have built in SEO-ready features. These SEO features include proper title, meta and description tags. You should be able to manage permalinks for shopping products. And, control the level of indexing that search engines can crawl that site with. There are many leading WordPress themes that offer SEO features. In fact, most leading ecommerce platforms will have some type of SEO addon. For example, Yoast SEO or Shopify SEO addons can make a major difference in getting your website to the top of the search engines. Of course, the proper ecommerce grocery platforms should be SEO-ready to bring you extra traffic.

Choosing a grocery ecommerce platform for your developing needs may seem strenuous. Searching for certain features can help narrow down your options. Always look for the multi-channel integration feature. Keep in mind how customizable options can positively effect the site’s design. Next, having an efficient search function is absolutely mandatory as it is going to be used often by customers. Multiple payment methods is also a function that will be commonly utilized. Last but not least, look for a platform that offers mobile functionality. Look for all of these grocery ecommerce platform features to build the best site.

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