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7 Ways Mozilla Webmaker Helps Improve Internet Literacy Worldwide


Webmaker is an app created by Mozilla to promote Web literacy around the globe. The app encourages users to create and publish their own web pages while learning to code with HTML, CSS and Javascript. What is even more impressive is that this is all done using smartphones. If you are looking to learn more about coding through hands-on technology, Webmaker may be an app to consider downloading. Below are just some of the ways in which Webmaker is helping to engage beginners around the world in the Web and spread the knowledge of php for beginners.

Webmaker Components

Mozilla Webmaker consists of three different parts. These Mozilla Webmaker components include Thimble interactive, X-Ray Goggles and Popcorn. Thimble is a code editor that helps users learn HTML, CSS and Javascript by correcting as you code. X-Ray Goggles allows you to view and change the source of elements on any web page to see what changes it causes. Popcorn is an HTML5 media tool. It helps users learn how to layer videos, images and other rich media on any website you build, like the NERSC website. These are the three main components of Mozilla Webmaker that help users to learn how to code.

Template Options

Mozilla Webmaker is designed to make web creation and engagement easier for people of all different backgrounds. This is reflected in their homepage, which offers a series of template options for first-time creators to choose from. When creating your web app, you can start from scratch or use one of Webmaker’s ready made templates. These templates are geared toward specific job types including Journalists, teachers and business owners. Each of these templates can be customized to fit your needs and are much easier than trying to understand guide instantiation processes.

Language Options

In addition to its versatile career-based templates, Webmaker is also available in a variety of languages. Currently, Webmaker has been translated into 11 different languages. Their hope is to encourage global web literacy and create a community of excellence with original content. Available languages include English, German, Hindi and Indonesian among others. Soon, Mozilla hopes to make Webmaker available in 40 languages through the help of local volunteers. If you want to support and take part in this global initiative, download Webmaker to get started with a fun and educational app. You will never have to worry about how to choose web developer for any digital projects ever again.

Local Content

While encouraging original content, Mozilla Webmaker also wants to encourage users who may not even know the meaning of db 9 to create apps and web pages that will engage their local community. Webmaker is dedicated to helping you build a web that is relevant to those around you. This can help encourage others to get involved and join in on web creation. They have helped users do this by implementing hashtags, allowing you to tag the topic or city relevant to your page. If you have ideas for web pages that will engage your community, consider downloading the Webmaker app.

Mozilla Maker Party

Although there is lots of fun to be had online and on your smartphone, like reading about the LeadPages vs Unbounce debate, Mozilla takes their global initiative a step further. Every year they now host Mozilla Maker events. These events serve to encourage people to join their local community in learning about Web literacy. Webmaker is used to teach coding at the event, which is great for the community and the company. Additionally, teachers and volunteers can be found hosting these events in person at libraries, schools and other public domains. These events are meant to be an excellent supplement to Webmaker users. They allow users to enrich their learning of the digital world. If you want help tapping into your creative potential, the Webmaker app and other Mozilla events may be perfect for you.

Volunteer Participation

Mozilla webmaker is a product of an event called the MozFest, short for Mozilla Festival. This festival is a weekend-long, passionate celebration of the open web. The most interesting fact about it? The festival is entirely run by volunteers. In addition to beginners being able to familiarize themselves with coding, they can meet other like-minded open-web enthusiasts by volunteering through Mozilla. This will certainly help people to find computer training mentors to improve their coding skills even further. MozFest volunteer opportunities are yet another way Mozilla is helping to spread internet literacy to all reaches of the country.

Thimble By Mozilla Webmaker

Mozilla Thimble is an online code editor tool. The site simplifies the process of creating and publishing your own web page. In addition, the program teaches you HTML, CSS and Javascript as you go for a wide variety of endpoints. You can create an account to start a project from scratch. Then, you can learn how to code or teach students to code using the resources presented by the site. If you want to learn coding while creating a functioning website instead of a silly practice site, consider visiting Mozilla’s Thimble page by Webmaker.

Mozilla’s Webmaker app is the perfect tool to help everyone learn about coding and Web literacy topics, like 2 factor authentication. It is designed to work for people of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels. The simple design will surely make it easy for you to take on an original project. Take your ideas to the Web with Mozilla’s easy to use Webmaker app.

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