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MCSE Certification Checklist Of Testing Requirements And Procedures


A Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, or MCSE, certification affirms your expertise in computer infrastructures running on Microsoft Servers. They are a great addition to an IT professional’s resume because they serve as an expansion of one’s skill set. This is especially true if you already have a SNIA certification on top of it. If you would like to obtain your MCSE certification, you need to be aware of the specific procedures and requirements for doing so. There are work experience requirements, programs to participate in and a multitude of exams to study for. Here is a quick guide on earning your MCSE certification.

Get Related Work Experience

MCSE certification programs require you to have at least one or two years of networking experience. Familiarity with the most recent Windows Live changes is not enough. If you are already in the IT field, this should not be a problem. However, if you are not yet employed, you need to make several preparations. First, you need to enroll in a computer networking program. Technical schools and community colleges offer accelerated 2-year programs for various computer-related programs. Once you have a degree, you will have the credentials necessary to secure an entry-level networking job. Use this time to familiarize yourself with Microsoft’s computer infrastructure. This will help to prepare you for the next few steps in earning MCSE certification.

Pass The Preliminary Exams

The next step in obtaining MCSE certification involves passing a multitude of exams. Each exam focuses on different aspects of computer networking. There are exams on networking systems, client operating systems, design, planning and configuration. Use Microsoft’s MCSE certification resources and choose the exams to take within each major category. Then, use Microsoft’s resources to prepare for each exam. You can prepare for as long as you want. However, keep in mind that it helps to be as prepared as possible. If you manage to pass every test, you can move on to the next step in earning MCSE certification.

Take The Core Exams

After passing the preliminary certification exams, you will be required to take three more tests. These are the core exams, which will focus on either Microsoft Server 2016 or Microsoft SQL Server 2016. Each exam tests different aspects of networking beyond simply configuring mtu. They test your installing, configuring and administrating abilities. These exams also look to test your capacity for creating user accounts, managing system security and maximizing storage space. Passing the core exams will place you in consideration for certification. It is an important step in getting MCSE certified.

Pass The Specialty Certification Exams

Successful candidates for MCSE certification are required to take two more exams. These final exams test your ability to run further Microsoft application functions. You need expertise in deploying Windows applications, data mining, data model design and private cloud management. Various Windows platforms, like Windows 8 and 10, will be included in the exam. You will need to prepare thoroughly, as applications run differently on separate operating systems. If you are able to pass the specialty certification exams, you will be on your way to choosing a specialty for profession. Then, you will earn your MCSE certification.

How Much Does MCSE Certification Cost?

If you want to get your MCSE certification for the better of your career, it will cost you quite a bit of money. However, fortunately not quite as much as it would cost for RAID storage. There are seven tests you must take to become MCSE certified, and each one costs $125. That adds up to just under a thousand dollars, at a total cost of $925, if you pass every single test on your first go around. If you want to save your money, make sure to study hard and ask your employer about professional development reimbursement options. The MCSE certification is not cheap, but it is certainly worth it.

How Long Does MCSE Certification Take?

Of course, the time it takes to earn an MCSE certification varies by individual. However, you can expect it to take much longer the less experience you have. This is also true if you lack a four year degree in computer science, information technology or networking. Do not expect to pass the test just because you know some common slow internet fixes. The MCSE test duration, however, is easier to predict. MCSE certification tests last no more than four hours. Because there are three tests, you can expect the MCSE testing process to take no longer than 12 hours. Just make sure to study, no matter how long it takes you to ace your practice MCSE test.

Adding MCSE certification to your resume opens you up for further professional opportunities. You can qualify for more jobs and command a higher salary. Just be aware of the lengthy process required to obtain certification. Do not expect your knowledge of Windows anniversary updates to carry you through. One or two years of experience is a prerequisite. Then, you need to pass 7-9 exams that test you on various areas of networking. If you follow the steps in this guide closely, you will have no trouble earning your MCSE certification.

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