Wednesday , 8 December 2021

6 Top Health Tech Trends To Increase Life Expectancy

While people in many developed countries are living longer than ever before, lifestyle-related risk factors such as obesity, poor nutrition, smoking, physical inactivity and alcohol consumption are contributing to greater levels of chronic disease. Additionally, mental health factors are rising due to technology as well.

With governments looking to reign in escalating healthcare costs, the latest IT trends in healthcare are focusing on prioritizing prevention over cure. Here are some rising trends to watch in health promotion and early detection – designed to increase our life expectancy and optimize our health.

Wearable And Mobile Health Tech

Wearable, trackable and portable technology, such as the renowned Apple Watch and Fitbit, not only enables people to monitor their stress levels, blood pressure, physical activity and nutrition intake, it can also connect them directly with the health system, providing their vital health information to their doctor, diabetes nurse or dietitian. Mobile devices, like a new radiation-free home breast scanner, are also changing the face of early diagnosis in cancer. New fitness technology changes the way people work out. Furthermore, it assists in increasing life expectancy.

An App For That

A range of apps are linking patients with their health practitioner, monitoring patients and alerting practitioners to changes in the patient’s physical or mental health conditions. The best dating apps are not the only popular applications. Health tech apps provide information about diseases, tests and drugs right to the fingertips of health practitioners. Practitioners are not only using these apps, they are also designing apps to bridge gaps in healthcare, from safety planning apps practitioners can use with patients to prevent suicide apps that enables parents and health professionals to identify autism earlier. Apps are also being developed to detect malaria and a range of deadly cancers, such as skin cancer.


Practitioners, from doctors and nurses through to speech pathologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and psychologists, are tapping into innovative telehealth solutions to overcome vast geographical distances. Clinicians are embracing videoconferencing to educate and train their rural and remote colleagues or to monitor and provide online consultations, including virtual assessments, with patients – regardless of where they live.

Smart Health Facilities

It’s never been easier for patients to access their health practitioner. The rise of online health directories and booking platforms provides patients with a user-friendly and convenient way to manage their health appointments. No more ringing around to find an available GP, dentist or physiotherapist. Instead, patients can download an app or head online, day or night, to see which practitioner is available and when, and book their appointment. Hospitals are also embracing tech solutions, from electronic health records and high-tech check-in systems, to streamlined patient visits and improved data accuracy, leading to better health outcomes for patients.

Education To Advance Practice

Nurses and allied health practitioners are integral to leading change in the rapidly evolving health sector. A Master of Healthcare Leadership online at Southern Cross University can provide practitioners with the tech-savvy skills and expertise essential to driving the innovative and dynamic health reforms, taking place today, for a healthier tomorrow.

Improved Diabetes Management Tools

Additionally, new diabetes management tools are also trending. Healthcare facilities have been developing new health tech for diabetics. Such new technology involves easier glucose monitoring. For type 1 diabetics, easier monitoring can be life-saving. Furthermore, the advanced technology is simpler to operate. Therefore, even those who are less tech savvy can benefit. Use lifestyle online shopping tactics to discover how you can better your health as a diabetic. The trending health tech tools for diabetes management elongate lives.

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