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Lifelock Number Contact Information To Prevent Identity Theft Victimization


Lifelock is a popular provider of identity theft monitoring and restoration. They can help prevent someone hacking into your champagne colored iPhone or your PC. Like most companies, you can always contact them via their phone number – 1-800-416-0599. However, if you are thinking about becoming a Lifelock member, there are quite a few alternatives to getting in touch with the company.

Life Lessons From Lifelock

But first, before you learn how to get in contact with the company, you may want to familiarize yourself with them a bit. Lifelock advertisements used to make mention of another number entirely – the CEO’s social security number. Lifelock CEO Todd Davis included his social security number on advertisements to prove his confidence in their service. However, it resulted in his identity being stolen 12 times. This eventually lead to Lifelock being fined $12 million for deceptive business practices. Remember this before you go signing up for the service. However, if you are still interested, keep reading below.


In addition to calling their sales and customer service number, LifeLock has a sales presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. If you are thinking about signing up, you could always reach out to the company via these platforms. Of course, a positive social media experience could foreshadow the type of customer service you will receive as a paying customer.


Secondly, talking on the phone might not be quick enough for you. Checking out the various membership options and service plans are all available online. Without waiting for a representative, you can easily educate yourself about the identity theft services offered and decided what works best for you. This will help you find out the best way to protect your digital art that is the next wave for artists. For potential members who don’t like to waste time, this could be the best option for you.


Did you know about LifeLock? If you heard about it from somewhere else before reading this post, it is highly likely it was due to the marketing efforts of this identity protection provider. Rather than ringing into their customer support center, you might want to try getting in touch with their marketing team who may have some inside information on new promotions and deals coming up.

FAQ’s Resource

In addition to the company website, LifeLock offers its own FAQ’s area for prospective and existing members, similar to Winhex. For quick questions, this resource is very helpful. Surely, it would be much quicker to look up a quick question rather than call the support number just for a 30 second response.

Email  (Cut The Line)

Do you hate waiting online? If you are like the rest of us, waiting for a representative to answer your call is quite boring. Especially, when you do not want to repeat yourself several times, it helps to send an email. Although you may have to wait for a response, your time is free to do what you like in the meantime. Certainly, email is a great alternative to the Lifelock number.


Most companies that provide identity protection offer webforms. This saves you the time of going to your email client. If you are already on their website, you can simply fill out a form rather than send an email or call their support number. Of course, this WinDirStat alternative work best for those of you already online who would rather receive a callback than wait for a representative.

LifeLock Partner Program

If you want to become a part of the LifeLock partner program, there is another contact method that is preferable for this. You can call them directly to receive information about this form of partnership. The Lifelock number for partnership inquiries is 1-877-511-7906, or you can simply email them at the LifeLock partnership email account: These two methods are the best way to get some info on this program.

Anyone in need of connecting to the Lifelock support team has quite a few options. With their Switchvox phone number readily available, you can give them a call almost anytime you want. However, these are some helpful alternatives to calling in on the phone while getting the support you need. Let us know if you think of other cool ways to get in touch with Lifelock support.

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