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5 Characteristics High Conversion Landing Pages Have In Common

Companies use landing pages to increase their online sales. They offer great opportunities for attracting online shoppers and making contact with them quickly. However, only the best conversion landing pages actually achieve these goals for brands. As a web designer, businesses turn to you for quality landing pages. Continue reading to learn how to implement the top characteristics all high conversion landing pages have in common. Then, you can design impressive pages and satisfy your customers.

High Quality Product Image

Product photographs make up a large portion of a high conversion landing page. In order to design an effective page for your clients, you need more than just a couple of mediocre pictures. You cannot get by with a few photos shot on your iPhone. To impress customers, you need high quality product images. Consumers want to see all of the details before they purchase a product. Hire a professional photographer or invest in a good camera to capture every detail. Take high quality product images to build high conversion landing pages successfully.

Compelling Headlines

The best conversion landing pages also all have compelling headlines. Headlines play a major role in web publishing success. Your header serves as your opportunity to real consumers in. Attract your audience with your header by stating why your offer is valuable to them. Briefly state the main benefits that the product offers. Moreover, show consumers how your product and/or offer differs from your competitors’ products and deals. Ensure that you offer this information in a clear and concise way. The top high conversion landing pages all offer audiences compelling headlines.

Unique “Wow” Factor

Moreover, provide every audience with a unique “wow” factor. The best conversion landing pages stand out from the rest. Consumers will not give your page the time of day when it looks just like your competitors’ landing pages. Get creative to intrigue consumers. Consider using funny, moving animations in your design. Some effective landing pages offer astonishingly positive customer testimonials in unique ways. You can even include video elements in your landing pages. As long as you offer consumers an emotionally engaging “wow” factor, you will successfully mimic the top conversion landing pages.

Clear Explanation

Every great conversion landing page has a clear explanation as well. When audiences respond well to headers, they seek more information within the landing page. Offer consumers this information to increase conversions. Include relevant details regarding your offer, but do not overload the reader with long paragraphs. Provide information in the form of bullet points. That way, you can add all of the information you need to without overwhelming the reader. Reach out to SEO services to add relevant keywords to your explanation as well. The best conversion landing pages include this characteristic to attract their target audiences.

Noticeable CTA Button

Finally, high conversion landing pages provide consumers with noticeable call to action (CTA) buttons. The purpose of a landing page is to get consumers to click on that button. Therefore, it needs to be as easy to see as possible. Use contrasting colors for your CTA buttons and landing page backgrounds. Some web designers place their call to action buttons inside attractive shapes. This tactic allows consumers to spot the buttons quickly and recognize that they are clickable buttons. High conversion landing pages always draw the audience’s attention to the CTA buttons.

Businesses in industries ranging from music production to retail need landing pages to drive sales. They reach out to web designers to build them high conversion landing pages. Please your clients by including high quality product images in each landing page you create. Include compelling headlines that explain the offer’s value in each page as well. The top pages always come with unique “wow” factors to stand out from their competition. Successful landing pages also offer clear explanations using bullet points. Lastly, the best pages draw consumers to their call to action buttons. High conversion landing pages all have these characteristics in common.

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