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New Digital Alarm Clocks That Can Make Anyone A Morning Person

Being a morning person is a skill that we all strive for, but it does not come easily for everyone. As a student, not only are there early morning, but those early mornings are often following up a late night. Unfortunately, sleeping with your phone right next to you can be detrimental to the good night’s sleep you desperately need. Everyone knows those old radio broadcasting alarm clocks are definitely not effective either. Luckily, students can benefit from many high tech alarm clocks as an alternative.

See The Light

Sometimes a gentle wake up can be the best wake up. There are many alarm clocks that mimic a natural sunrise at the time you set it for. This will wake you from your sleep and digital dreams peacefully. Not only is this a natural way to wake your body, but it can give you a few minutes of much needed peace at the beginning of the day.

Respect Your Sleep Cycle

One of the best ways to beat being exhausted in class and throughout the day is to work with your sleep cycle. Sleep cycle alarm clocks work with your body to wake you during your lightest sleep phase. Being abruptly awoken from a deep sleep will leave you disoriented and groggy throughout your day. A sleep cycle alarm clock will wake you at a point where you can feel well rested and alert.

Work For It

If the snooze button is your best friend, consider an alarm clock with features that will make it more difficult to turn off. These kind of clocks range in IT strategy to get results. You can choose one that requires only slightly more effort, such as flipping the clock over. If you are a serial snoozer, you may consider an even more aggressive approach. Many alarm clocks can roll off wherever you place them and force you to get out of bed and chase them in order to be turned off.

Running Away Clock

The Running Away Clock from Nanda Home Clocky is one of the coolest alarm clocks out there that makes you work for it. If you need added incentive to get you up and at ’em in the morning, the Running Away alarm clock gives it to you. The wheeled alarm clock starts moving away from you the second you hit the snooze button for the first time. It creates more than enough distance to require you to actually get out of bed to turn it off again once you’ve snoozed for a couple extra minutes. It also comes in a wide array of color choices, including blue, white, red and more. If you want a moving alarm clock to get your morning routine started on time every time, consider buying the Running Away Clock from Nanda Home Clocky.

Shake Things Up

A deep sleeper and an early class can be a dangerous combination, especially if your class features digital camera uses that require you to look half decent. You may not be able to avoid taking an early class, but you can make sure that you’re on time. Not hearing your alarm is a problem you can avoid completely by getting an alarm that shakes you awake. This is one of the most unique alarm clock designs. Placing this kind of alarm near your bed will make sure you’re up, even if you don’t hear the noise.

Hear The Music

One of the great things about being woken by your phone is that you can be woken up to your choice of music. You can choose your type of music or even wake up to the same song every day. Luckily for you, many alarm clocks come with the ability to connect to your phone or unique USB device. This allows you to reap the benefits of rising to your phone, without having to disturb your sleep by placing it nearby.

An alarm clock is a necessity for every student. Thankfully, the technology industry comes to the rescue again. Taking it up a notch by replacing your phone with a high tech alarm clock that fits your needs will start your day off right. Waking up every day in a way that you enjoy or that simply works will make you more productive. Being on a schedule can be difficult, but with the help of a personalized alarm, your day is set for success.

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