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8 Essential Car Accessories For The Ultimate Driving Experience

Car accessories are much more than fuzzy dice on a rearview mirror. Today, technology has introduced a plethora of new gadgets that help to solve old travel problems. If you are looking for simple, high-tech solutions that can make everyday travel easier for you and your family, below we have listed our top car accessories that every tech-savvy driver needs. These gadgets may even render your Siri for Android app useless.


RayGo is the answer to any busy bee’s prayers. Texting and driving is tempting, but never worth the risk. Thankfully, there are travel gadgets like this to help you out. RayGo helps to keep your hands and eyes free at all times so that you can go about your business without breaking the law. This handy 5-key bluetooth controller connects to your steering wheel so that you can use all of your favorite apps on the go. Answer those important emails and flip through Pandora with this high tech car accessory.

Fobo Tire Plus

For those who know the hassle of losing tire pressure, Fobo Tire Plus is well worth the money. This tire pressure monitoring system will make you aware of any issues before they have a chance to get out of control. Fobo also monitors your tire temperature in real time, sending all of the data back to your smartphone so you can keep an eye out for potential problems.

StopSleep Anti-Sleep Alarm

If you tend to get highway hypnosis quite a bit and often find yourself nodding off at the wheel, this is the perfect car accessory for you. The StopSleep anti-sleep alarm is a revolutionary driver fatigue alarm electronic detector. The potentially life saving travel gadget is worn on the finger and contains an electronic position sensor. The 8 built-in cutaneous sensors monitor your electrodermal activity to measure your levels of concentration and awareness. At the first signs of a lack of awareness, the StopSleep alarm will sound to ensure you state alert and safe, which is much more effective than on ear headphones. 100,000 driver fatigue related accidents are reported each year, do not be a statistic. Intead, purchase the Anti-Sleep Alarm by StopSleep.

Navdy Car HUD

Navdy Car HUD takes navigation to a new level. With their Heads-Up Display, Navdy provides users with an ease of experience that you cannot get from a traditional GPS system. While you may like all GPS trackers, this one offers additional features. By connecting Navdy to your smartphone and connecting it to your dashboard, important information can be displayed right on your windshield. This way, you can keep track of your location and phone calls without taking your eyes off of the road.


DriveBot is another gadget designed for those who do not want to deal with the headache of surprise car trouble. This device plugs directly into your car’s on-board diagnostic system and connects to your smartphone so that you can view all of the data more easily than ever. DriveBot can detect trouble faster than any other, which will keep you from letting small problems get worse. This is definitely one of the best tech gifts for those car enthusiasts in your life.

Soundgate IOPLAY

Soundgate IOPLAY is the high-tech gadget for those who want a simple solution to their radio troubles. Rather than fumble with your phone while on the road, Soundgate IOPLAY allows you to connect any phone or portable music device so you can play what you want while also keeping your hands on the wheel. Whether you have an iPhone or an iPhone trade in option, you can use this gadget. The little device also allow you to make calls through a hands-free voice dial.

Key Finder

The key finder is a classic bit of technology that still deserves recognition today, unlike radio broadcasting. Nothing can put a hamper on your travel plans more than a lost set of car keys. Key finders are the gadget you need, and luckily they come in many forms. From the most advanced app locator to a simple beeping attachment, the right key finder can truly improve your travel experience.

Dashboard Light Diagnosis Tool

Furthermore, one of the best car accessories to get is a dashboard light diagnosis tool. This gadget allows drivers to determine why lights appear on their dashboards as soon as they light up. The best ones are small enough to carry in your work bag or leave in your glove compartment for easy access. To use one, pull over on the side of the road and simply allow it to work its magic. You can find out if you can continue driving with the light on or if you need to call for assistance in no time. Combine this tool with the top Audi Q7 features for safer driving and you will achieve the ultimate driving experience. This is one of the coolest car accessories for tech enthusiasts.

There are plenty of cool and fun car accessories available for consumers to test out. However, our top six car gadgets contain the most useful, reliable and technologically advanced devices for those who want to simplify safe and smart driving. Test out these cool car accessories for yourself to see the difference in your driving experience.

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