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How To Hire Social Media Influencers To Increase Conversions

Marketing teams struggle to hire the best social media influencers. When they fail to select the best candidates and run campaigns effectively, they also fail to optimize their social pages. In turn, they do not succeed in increasing their reach or sales. As a social media manager, you want to achieve the oppositive outcome. Your goal is to find the best social influencer to improve your social presence. Keep reading to learn how to hire social media influencers to increase conversions.

Choose A Type Of Influencer

Before you can hire social media influencers to scale your social status, you need to choose a type of influencer. The main options include micro-influencers, celebrity influencers, thought leaders and activists. Usually, smaller brands with very little social presence opt for hiring micro-influencers. More established companies can reach out to celebrity influencers successfully. Brands that want to focus on social and political elements should choose thought leaders or activists. Determine which type of influencer will benefit your brand the most. Then, you will set yourself up to hire promising social media influencers.

Select Channels To Optimize

Once you know which type of influencers you need to look for, select the channels that you want to optimize. In doing so, you narrow down your candidate options further. To determine which channels you should optimize, figure out where your target audience spends most of their time. Consider all social media websites to ensure that you make the right decision. If you market to an older crowd, they likely do not use Instagram as much as they use Facebook. However, younger generations tend to use Instagram and Twitter regularly. Because each platform offers different tools and reaches varying groups of consumers, influencers usually specialize in a couple. Hence, this step is crucial to hiring social media influencers who will boost your ROI.

Establish An Influencer Budget

Additionally, establish an influencer campaign budget. While some influencers produce content for free, the best ones expect payment. With this being said, you need to establish an influencer payment structure. Some companies offer flat fees while others opt for affiliate or commission structures. Regardless of the option you choose, you need to follow up your decision by setting a realistic budget. On top of payment, include shipping costs in your budget as well. After all, your influencers will expect you to send them your products to promote. Choose fair payment terms and establish a realistic budget to convince influencers to join your team. If you can attract and hire top social leaders, you can optimize your social profiles.

Conduct Influencer Research

Marketing teams also need to conduct influencer research in order to choose the top candidates to hire. A great place to start is in your current follower list. Scan it for users who have high follower counts. You can also search for users who have experience generating promotional content for other businesses. Another place to look is in your recent mentions. Dive into your Twitter mentions and tagged photos on Instagram. Similar to your followers, those who have recently mentioned your brand on their pages already have an interest in your company. These users make for great social media influencers to hire for increased conversions.

Reach Out To Candidates

Finally, reach out to the candidates you found. To do so effectively, you need to take a professional approach while also displaying a sense of humanity. Your initial message should include a decent amount of information regarding the opportunity you are offering. At the same time, it needs to portray your brand’s identity. By combining these two approaches, you will persuade your candidates to take up your offer. Then, you can proceed to exchange paper work to make your working relationship official. Reach out to candidates to hire social media influencers to improve your social presence.

One of the best ways to boost your ROI through social media is to hire influencers. Companies that launch influencer marketing campaigns increase their reach and their profits simultaneously. To find and employ the best candidates, you need to choose a type of influencer first. Then, determine which social platforms you should build a presence on. Set a realistic influencer budget that includes influencer pay checks and shipping costs. Conduct influencer research to discover users who are already interested in your company. Lastly, reach out to your candidates with your offer. Take these steps to hire social media influencers and increase your conversions.

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