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New AI vs Humans Competition Demonstrates Modern Tech Advancement

Artificial intelligence is a fast advancing field. We have seen movies about the rise of machine learning and automation. Most recently, several projects are attempting to overtake human intelligence with artificial intelligence. Research groups, organizations and enterprise companies have developed artificial “brains” that are meant to compete with humans. As we continue to do our technology due diligence in this industry, the new developments are very exciting. In this post, we’ll give you some of the latest examples that demonstrate the advancement of AI technology.

AI vs Humans

Artificial intelligence has been used for awhile now to attempt to beat humans at various games. Recently, a first occurred in the world of poker where Libratus, a specially created artificial intelligence beat a professional poker player. While other games have been mastered by artificial intelligence, none of them has been quite as unpredictable as poker. These are a few of the AI that have defeated humans at varied tasks.


Another game that is frequently used to pit AI vs Humans is the trivia game Jeopardy.The most recent instance of this was back in 2011. The IBM computer system Watson managed to beat out four members of the United States Congress in an untelevised episode of the game. The four congressmen who competed against the digital technology were Jared Polis, Bill Cassidy, Jim Himes and Rush Holt. The game was played to emphasize the importance of IT within the US economy and the US education system. Clearly, the match achieved its goal. In this AI vs humans match, AI once again won.

Piloting Fighter Jets

One task that was taken on by an AI design team was piloting a fighter jet. The intent of the project wasn’t to replace human pilots but rather to possibly provide assistive tech to a pilot in the event they need it or perhaps fly unmanned aircraft. Known as ALPHA, this AI was able to defeat retired United States Air Force Colonel Gene Lee in several different simulated experiences. Lee is a skilled fighter pilot having done several tours in Vietnam. Alpha is different than some other AI being used today in that it relies on what is known as fuzzy logic relating to what people think rather than trying to copy the brain’s functions.

Alpha Go

Another successful example of AI comes from Google. Alpha Go was able to defeat the World Go champion, Lee Sedol in a give game series only losing one match. Sedol is considered the human master at the game of Go, having won a total of 18 championships. The AI was originally designed by a London firm, DeepMind who later sold it to Google. Go is a complex game that requires a great deal of strategic thinking which makes the ability to create AI to beat a human quite a milestone in AI technology.

Considering the success of these AI in being able to match wits with humans, this technology will no doubt be developed further with interesting applications to come. We will see major leaps in conversational intelligence, logical intelligence and enhanced human intelligence. For now, the AI vs human game will continue. Additionally, we can look forward to humans using AI to advance their own decisions and intelligence.

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