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How To Increase Internet Speed Without Upgrading Your Plan

Every month, the Internet bill arrives in your mailbox or inbox. You pay on time month after month for the same old Internet. In fact, you are basically the poster child for cable internet on time payments. But are you getting the Internet service that you deserve?

Many Internet service providers actually promise faster speeds then you receive. They tell you what your Internet speed will be in MBps (megabytes per second) or Mbps (megabits per second). For example, you might be receiving phone, Internet and TV from the same company. They advertise that you receive 25 Mbps download and upload speeds. However, in actuality, you are only receiving 5-10 Mbps internet speeds when watching your Adobe Spark video projects online.

Why does speed difference happen? Are cable internet companies trying to pull a fast one? Are you being ripped off?

Actually, it could be a slight reconfiguration on behalf of of your Internet service. There are quite a few potential causes for your slower Internet speeds. Even if your connection is decent, there could be significant room to increase internet speed without adding additional costs or upgrading your plan.

Test Internet Speed

The first step to increase your internet speed is to test it right now. You do not need to know the latency definition to do so. It is easy. There are several Internet speed test websites available online. Two of the most popular sites are and To test your site, simply visit either site, and click “Test Now” to get your results. Then, record your speeds for comparison later on.

Change The Channel

A simple trick to improve internet speeds is to change your wireless channel. If you have neighbors with WiFi, their routers may be messing with your router’s ability to perform to its full ability. This can cause your WiFi signal to degrade. However, wireless routers have the ability to operate on a number of different channels. Thankfully, this allows you to move your router to a channel with the least interference. This way, if you are using live streaming platforms, they can download and upload without any delay. To make sure your channel has minimal interference, network analyzing tools like Network Analyzer Lite and WiFi Analyzer can help you identify the best WiFi channel for your router. This is a simple fix that will greatly increase internet speeds right away.

Move Your Router Location

Nowadays, many people are using a cable modem connected to a router for their internet connection. With many 3.0 routers, particularly those from Business Comcast, having the capacity for excessive bandwidth at 300 Mpbs, usually the link between the router and modem does not cause any loss of speed. However, the distance between your device and the router could cause intermittent or slower connections. To speed up your internet, you can simply move your router to a more central location in the house.

Change Router DNS Servers

If you have a bunch of devices connected to one network, you need to make a change on your router to increase internet speeds. Go to the router administration page and click “advanced” settings. Then, look for the field that allows you to specific DNS servers. Take note of these addresses. Then, use a DNS speed test to identify the best DNS server address for your router. These servers can act like an internet filter that may slow down your speed.s Enter that information into the designated area in your router administration settings. This will definitely help you increase internet speeds.

Call Your ISP For Answers

Next, call your internet service provider (ISP) and ask why the speed is testing slowly. Here, your ISP will be able to detect any shortages or signal leaks in your coverage. This can also improve your overall data security as well. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with your computer or home setup. It can be completely fixed by your ISP. If they are unable to find any reasons for slow internet on their end, they can help determine why the connection is not up to standard.

Implement ISP Suggestions

Then, implement their recommendations. By the end of the phone call, your Internet speed should be working faster than before. If not, you are entitled to the speeds that are advertised by the ISP. They should either give you credit towards your account, upgrade your bandwidth for free or compensate you accordingly. Otherwise, you should probably be looking at other providers.

Check Your Connection Often

The key is to periodically check your internet speed, even with new technology. If your speeds are not where they should be, it is up to your ISP to change that. If the problem is on your end, you may want to read our post on common fixes for slow internet speeds.

Swap Out Your Modem

Often times, internet speeds are slowed down by the modem. While you might be paying for 100 Mbps of speed from your internet service provider, the modem may only have the capacity for 50 Mbps. Additionally, older modems do wear out over time. You should consider swapping out new modem from your ISP. Or, purchase a new modem that is compatible with your current residential or business comcast service. This hardware upgrade will improve your internet speed while giving you increased capacity for future speeds.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments below. And, when you do increase your internet speed and feel like an IT expert (just by picking up the phone and making a simple call), please come back and share your success right here. We, along with our other visitors, would appreciate the input.

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