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Using Media Monitoring To Measure Track And Engage Customers Easily

How to large companies keep track of everyone talking about them? They do not watch every show commercial, read every magazine ad or respond to every tweet. They use comprehensive media monitoring software to keep them up-to-date on all the mentions of their brand or products. So, if you have a lot of people talking about you, then you probably need a social media monitoring service.

media-sharingIn short, media monitoring makes sense for big brands. With many people talking about them nationwide, you want to know where your marketing outreach is most effective. Monitoring software helps you keep track of the different media platforms like social media, print media, broadcast news and radio. Robust software, used efficiently, allows your company to be on the pulse of what is happening around you.

Track And Engage Customers

The brands who can truly leverage the power of this technology, to measure, track and engage their customers right away, are on the new edges of customer service. The ability to communicate in real-time (and very quickly) is highly demanded by customers and great for brands. If done correctly, brands can help promote themselves organically, gaining trust and loyalty from customers.

Go Viral

In many cases, brands are able to gain viral attention without the help of chatterbots. When that company blog post, CEO statement or latest graphic finally gets noticed, monitoring software helps companies track everything. This data is extremely valuable for the entire company.

International Capabilities

For companies who operate on an international level, you will need global coverage. To be able to see the whole picture, your software needs to work across many countries. This will help you see what everyone is saying and pick up new trends. It will help you see what people like, and don’t like. The next wave of change will come from the instantaneous communication between brands and consumers, leading to more innovation because of increased response times.

Top Media Monitoring Software

So what are some of the best software available for media monitoring? Well, that depends on a few factors. Social media monitoring is a top priority for many companies, but  others may be more concerned about digital publications. You may even want to look at the best media monitoring software to improve your web presence. Consider your needs, and then you may decide that one of the following are the best media monitoring software for your business needs.

  • Meltwater – This media monitoring solution is the ultimate program for social media monitoring and analytics.
  • Cision – This is an all-encompassing PR software solution. Track mentions and journalists from a database of 1.6 million and counting to be sure your catching every word.
  • Agility – This PR software is excellent for niche markets. So if you fit that bill, this may be the software for you.


Meltwater is named as one of the best media monitoring software available, according to Kirby reviews, due to its hyper targeted search capabilities. However, it is important to note that the service also has a 60-day auto renewal policy that has skewed users impressions of the business. Regardless, if you need to manage data driven PR programs, this is still an excellent solution. The media monitoring program features tools for journalist relations, pitching and even social media management. That is what makes Meltwater a comprehensive media monitoring tool and one of the best to consider. Just remember to cancel sixty days before the end of your subscription if you do not want to renew.

So, who ends up looking good? The brands that are most transparent, outreaching and genuine in their interactions. And, occasionally, they save the day too thanks to the simplified client communication processes made possible by media monitoring tools.

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