Tuesday , 2 March 2021

How Technology Has Improved Businesses

Technology has created a world that’s incredibly well-connected and this has been to the benefit of businesses, both small and large. It’s allowed for better communication, more streamlined operations, and reduced costs for businesses. With technology constantly evolving, businesses are enjoying more ways to evolve and improve.

Here are some of the ways that technology has improved business and why you should consider adopting these developments, if you haven’t already.


Communicating with business partners, clients and colleagues is now easier than ever. The internet now has tools to foldershare items while working on a shared cloud. This allows people to access and edit documents from different locations, reducing the need for hard copies of paperwork. Switching to the cloud makes it easier for employees to communicate and work across offices, helping to streamline your business operations.

Another technological advancement is video calling technology. It has allowed businesses to cut down the need to travel for business, helping to reduce expensive petrol costs, train fares and plane tickets. By using a video calling service like Skype, you can teleconference, video call and voice call – all you need is a working internet connection in your office.


Advertising and promoting your business was once a costly exercise but now, technology has taken marketing online. Businesses can utilise the internet and social media for a cheaper way to advertise, as well as the potential to reach more customers – last year, Facebook had 1.86 billion monthly active users and Twitter had 319 million. So, forget about expensive radio and television advertising, printing leaflets, billboard posters, or newspaper ads – it’s time to take your marketing online.

Here are a few ways that you can use the internet to market your business:

  • “Like and Share” social media campaigns
  • Discounts for users who sign up to a newsletter
  • Targeted advertising using cookies

Customer Service

As both businesses and customers are so well-connected in the digital age, customer service has improved as a result. Social media monitoring has provided customers with a direct link to businesses and vice versa, so if there is a complaint on Twitter then the business can respond almost immediately.

It has also allowed for better delivery services within a business. Customers have more choice than ever for delivery options and they can use online calculators to receive quotes and compare the cost of sending their packages. Businesses can send parcels all over the world with international services, like those provided by TNT, and tracking services that monitor the progress of the delivery. This makes the process visible to both businesses and customers, so that both are happy with the customer service provided.

Take your business into the 21st century and adopt the new technologies that can help you streamline operations, improve your customer service and increase your visibility through online marketing.

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