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5 Ways Test Management Software Saves Money Identifying Problems

Explained in the graphic provided by Zephyr, implementing test management in any business can help to simplify daily operations while also saving money. For IT employees that are already stretched thin, deploying this software can help to maximize the time that they do have while also streamlining the process as a whole. Additionally, utilizing test management software can help identify and resolve issues before they become out of control. While it is likely that almost all businesses will run into technical problems, using software that provides real-time updates can help to ease any present concerns before they transform into long-term issues. Just like how Shavlik helps streamline IT management for business, test management automation can do the same. For more information on how test management can benefit your business, check out the infographic below, but first we need to know…

What Is Test Management?

Test management is the process used to test various software, including mobile apps. Typically, this is done using test management software. This process can be used to test automation software while also using automation software to get it done. Test management tools that help to automate the process of testing software will save your business time and money. Let’s take a look at the graphic below to find out the top 5 ways test management can improve your business even more than PHP tools do.


Test Resource Organization

The first part of test management that you should get in order is your resources. This is true no matter whether you use software or manpower, or whether you are testing software or a small business website design. Test artifact organization is a crucial part of test management. You should have an inventory of items to test as well as the tools used to perform the tests. Test assets most commonly used are things like test scripts, test data and test hardware and software. Make sure that these are clearly organized and maintained in order to prepare yourself for an efficient test management process.

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