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6 Ways Large Tablets Improve Quality Of Life For Senior Citizens


The Uber taxi app has been used to increase mobility for folks of all ages and now that is even more the case for the senior crowd. Thanks to the integration of the grandPad tablet with Uber, elderly citizens who had before been limited in their mobility now have easy access to the ridesharing technology at their fingertips. Here are a few ways the grandPad has adapted the Uber app to support a more independent lifestyle.

Large Tablets

The grandPad tablet is a large tablet. To be considered a large tablet, the device must be 10.1-inches. This measurement is done across the screen in a diagonal angle. Many people have considered them very useful and easy to see like many popular tablets on the market. They work independently of keyboards or a mouse. However, you could connect one to some of them.

Best Large Tablet

While individual preferences may vary, most techies and gadget reviews agree that the iPad Pro 9.7 inch tablet is not only the best iPad yet, it is also one of the best large tablets available on the market. The new iPad offers all the great old features and app store with improved performance and speed. In addition, the new iPad Pro has a better camera, antireflective display and louder speakers. Unfortunately, the costs for accessories are a bit high which may put the device out of reach for some. However, the 9.7 inch Apple iPad Pro is the perfect combination of computing power in a large tablet that is still portable and comfortable.

Font and Icon Size

The font is oversized on the app, making the options easy to read. That is also the case with icons. This eliminates the issue of unwittingly setting up incorrect appointments and eliminates having buttons or links accidentally clicked due to small type and close icon proximity. Using this large mobile device in conjunction with Swiftkey can virtually eliminate any visibility and keyboard accessibility issues.

No Zooming Necessary

Zooming on a tablet may be second nature for those of us who grew up with technology. However, for the older generations, especially senior citizens, pinch zooming can be difficult to master. This is especially true for senior citizens who suffer from arthritis. A simple pinching gesture to zoom may cause serious pain. With a large tablet, like the grandPad, there is virtually no need for zooming at all. That makes it easier for seniors to navigate their favorite websites, social networks and App Store apps without pain or inconvenience. This is a huge benefit that traditional tablets do not offer.

Pre-Set Locations

Locations that are regularly used can be pre-set into the app, allowing seniors to simply click on a ready-made button. Destinations such as doctors’ offices, hospitals, therapy locations, and family members’ homes can be pre-set as well as social destinations that are visited on a regular basis. This prevents mistyped addresses and route mistakes.

Data Package

The application comes along with a complete data package, which means a Wi-Fi connection is not necessary for the senior to use the app. Rides can be requested and drivers can be called at any time without waiting for a signal to be found. Surely, this is a great feature of an ebusiness that relies on connections.

Companion App

For increased safety and peace of mind for everyone involved, a companion app is included that can be set up for the caregiver of the senior in question. This allows the caregiver to manage payment information as well as set locations. He or she can also monitor the ride, verify that a pickup has been made, and be notified when a drop off has occurred. This will greatly improve caregiver mental health, which is always a big concern in the senior care industry.

No longer does becoming a senior mean being limited in activities and mobility. The collaboration of grandPad and Uber is opening a whole new level of freedom that other technology cannot compete with, least of all digital cameras.

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