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Develop A PHP Web Application For Faster, Securer Building

What do you need to develop your own web application? Building your own web app can be a fun, rewarding and frustrating process. Thankfully, technology for programmers and developers has evolved. Today, many of the internet’s web applications are PHP based. The scripting language, PHP, is used for general purposes and development.


If you are a PHP coder, then you already know what I’m talking about. If not, learning PHP can be quite a process. For those of you new to coding, it can be a steep learning curve. Otherwise, with some coding experience, you can pick up PHP relatively quickly.

There are other third-party companies that make PHP easier to use. These types of applications will help you build faster, more securely and require less configuration. They require less coding too.

Develop Your Own PHP Web Application

Or, you can spend the time to learn how to develop your own PHP web application from the ground up. If you decide to develop apps for pharmacists on your own, you also need to have a working knowledge of databases, or my SQL, as well as an Apache server for running the commands. As a PHP newbie, you will want to take some time to learn and experiment on your own. Once you gone through and developed your application, you’ll have to test it, maintaining and updated accordingly. As new versions of PHP are released, you might find yourself needing to upgrade for performance or security reasons.

PHP Web Application Tutorials

There are many, many PHP tutorials available all over the web for all different app platforms. If you want to upload image to MySQL Database with PHP, there is a tutorial for that. If you want to Build a PHP MVC framework in one hour, there is a tutorial for that. Or, if you want to figure out how to write a PHP/MySQL web service for an iOS app, there are tutorials available, as well. Be sure to have an understanding of exactly what you are trying to do before searching for tutorials, so you can find the best PHP tutorial to fit your particular needs.

Use Object Oriented Programming

If you are going to start developing PHP web applications, you definitely want to learn Object Oriented Programming if you have not already. OOP is a method of programming that utilizes classes called objects to tie things together. This frees you from the need for repetitive code. It also helps to simplify the basic production tasks of digitalization. You will need to know OOP if you want to develop PHP web apps, so make sure you learn up now.

Concept And Design

You will need to have a general concept and design in mind to get started on your digital project. Next you’ll have to have a list of functions that you wish to achieve in your design. Please note, these designs and purposes do not need to be set in stone. They can be flexible. Additionally, you want to have some features that you want to include within your web application. Once you know where you want to go in terms of concept, functions and features, you’re ready to start developing.

Maintain Focus

Whether you use a third party PHP builder application or develop everything on your own, your purpose must be laser focused. When you have a specific purpose, you will be able to develop faster because you will look for the specific functions you need. Also, if you get stuck and need help, you can easily hire a freelancer for PHP and articulate exactly what you need. It will also help you to ensure that your web app has the best supplicant security possible, which is super important in the age of cyber crime.

Create A Plan

In order to remain singularly focused when creating your PHP web application, you do not need an NVLAP certification. You are just going to want to create a detailed plan. Include your end goal, and each and every step you anticipate taking to get there. This will prepare you to identify and problem areas now, before you get into the nitty-gritty of the project. That also allows you to find solutions to these issues without all the pressure of stress and the possibility of having to re-do work you had already finished. If you want to successfully create your first PHP web app, make sure you plan every step out before getting started.

So, what do you think? Are you going to put in the time, roll up your sleeves and develop from scratch? Or, will you use third party applications to help you along the way? Let us know in the comments below!

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