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Best Mobile Engagement Tools To Improve User Experience Effortlessly

It has been apparent for quite some time now that mobile is more important than desktop computing, at least for online browsing. For consumers, mobile offers easy access to the internet and information overall. For companies, mobile is a huge channel to sell, promote and engage customers in new ways.

In almost every industry, IT professionals are being asked to keep up with the ever-increasing mobile demands. They are under pressure to serve several platforms, devices and operating systems. As result, IT professionals have more work than ever despite the efficiencies achieved by using cloud computing, supercomputing and digital insights.


The primary reason for all this innovation is to capture more value from the existing mobile channels. To do this, companies are utilizing enhanced behavior analytics and tracking, marketing automation and customized messaging. These tools all help to enhance user experience, ultimately creating more value.

Behavior Analytics And Tracking

These tools utilize bounce rate, time on-site, visits, views, actions and events to optimize company goals or user engagement. Using a mobile engagement platform to guide instantiation practices, companies are better able to collect this data. Then, they can analyze the data for improved decision making.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are another useful method to improve mobile engagement. Enabling push notifications is as simple as tapping a button. Because of this, many people unwittingly opt in for notifications from their favorite apps. If you choose to build an app, make sure to try to make a convincing case as to why users should enable push notifications. Push notifications can help you from falling victim to the common issue of apps being deleted just a couple days after being downloaded. Keep this mobile engagement tool in mind. It is incredibly useful.

Marketing Automation

This tool entails timing sent messages and events for the best possible return on engagement. It uses the data captured by the analytics and tracking to test when are the best times to market to customers. Companies can utilize this, along with knowing to translate a document for particular regional needs, to broaden their reach while maintaining the same amount of effort.

Customized Messaging

Customized messages are important to find out which channels work best with the company’s customer base. It deals with the process of message delivery in the form of mobile push notifications, in app alerts, SMS or widgets. Engagement platforms designed specifically for mobile tracking help companies uncover the best messaging strategy for them.

Mobile Engagement Software Suite

Undoubtedly, mobile engagement platforms will continue to innovate and launch as new enterprise mobile solutions. However, in the meantime we could see a consolidation of the top platforms. This would lead to a standard suite of engagement software for mobile data collection and analysis. Furthermore, we could see the new influx of mobile data require high processing computing and database solutions like NoSQL to support it.

Why Is Mobile Engagement So Important?

Everyone knows that mobile applications are the most popular form of internet engagement for consumers today. However, many do not know that mobile engagement metrics, that is measure and analysis of mobile engagement for business, can vastly improve consumer trust in a business, which will only help to improve customer retention and sales. 75% of all app users will delete and app after three months. That is frightening! So clearly, marketing for mobile engagement is in a tough spot. Using the mobile engagement tools mentioned above can help you determine problem areas in mobile and make improvements immediately.

Even more interestingly, mobile engagement platforms could have a huge opportunity ahead. As wearable devices and smart watches take off, the same platforms could be applied to the newer technologies being released. In the end, the mobile platform vendors gain a stronger value story for selling while companies get another way to reach and engage their customers.

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