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Growing Mobile Software Use Causes Worry About Data Security

mobile-security-solutionsCalling all mobile developers, engineers and technicians! If you work in mobile solutions, you will want to listen up. A new report released market data that predicts a 35.23% industry growth over the next 4 years. But, what is the trend? Where is the money going? How are users impacted? What can you do about it?

The mobile industry has many solutions in the market beyond the simple Siri for Android app alternatives. There’s everything including mobile app development, mobile cloud solutions, mobile networks and more. However, one sticks out above the rest — mobile security. More specifically, there is an increasing need for mobility security solutions at the corporate enterprise levels.

The Trend In Enterprise Mobility

More and more companies are trading in the notorious corporate BlackBerry phone for new BYOD polices. Note, this is not the same as BYOB! It stands for Bring Your Own Device, allowing employees to use their personal devices for work related tasks. While the productivity benefits are obvious, there is a serious concern for security. As a result, companies are looking to mobile platform vendors to provide secure solutions for managing company data on personal devices. These mobile security solutions would allow companies to remotely manage sensitive data using cloud-based services.

Greater Potential

Mobile software development is also incredibly popular. This is true because it provides far greater potential. This is especially so in regards to technological problems for business. Software can make business processes more efficient. Mobile software can help businesses improve areas of operation that they never thought they could have an impact on before. This is a huge reason for the explosive trend in enterprise mobility and the popularity of many Momentus apps.

Citrix, IBM, MobileIron, VMware Compete

Major companies like the ones mentioned above are competing for business in the enterprise mobile security market. They are providing products and solutions to make BYOD secure in any organization. The solutions include MDM, the management of mobile devices, and NAM, the management of enterprise applications. However, not much has been done to increase wireless printer security, unfortunately.

Mobile Business Intelligence

Mobile business intelligence software is rising in popularity as this new trend gains steam. Mobile BI software makes operations accessible to both managers and employees anywhere at anytime. There are many different software options available in this area. They include Dundas BI, Domo, Sisense and more. However, this of course raises some serious questions about mobile software security implications as well. Business intelligence is one of the most important types of data to keep secure. How will this challenge be overcome in the future?

Employees Can Work Anywhere, Anytime

By embracing the BYOD polices, companies are giving more flexibility to employees. They are able to use the mobile devices that best suit their working style. The shift to personal devices would lead to higher productivity and quality of work completed. As long as the data can be safely secured, it is good news for everyone. Future predictions indicate that this trend continues to grow, so it is certainly something to consider.

Midsized & Small Business Want BYOD Too

Depending on your company’s capacity, you might not be able to land enterprise mobile contracts. However, there are many other smaller cap corporate companies and business that will also want to implement BYOD policies. This is a multi-billion dollar market with plenty of opportunity, just as it is with cloud storage.

Mobile Software Download

If you are currently employed in a BYOD office, you may be a bit worried about the privacy of your files and information. That is why there are plenty of mobile security software available to you for every device imaginable. Whether you have a Samsung tablet, iPad or Amazon Kindle Fire, there is a mobile security solution for you. Fingerprint Lock, FileLock and Android Antivirus are all some security software for mobile devices that you may want to have a look at. You can almost guarantee that security is not an issue for most BYOD offices. However if you have some concerns, try out the mobile software for security mentioned above.

Are you currently in the mobile software industry? Would you want to compete in the mobile security market? Do you have a unique idea for where the market is going, like a new use for eye tracking technology? Please let us know in the comments below. Or, please share this post to keep the conversation going.

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