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How To Watch TV Shows Online And Not Pay For Streaming Subscriptions

TV-ShowsWe all have those favorite TV shows that we can’t bear to miss, whether it’s a guilty pleasure romantic sit com or a nail biting thriller, you never want to be behind on the action and miss a second of the TV show that you have grown to love. You want to know what happens next to all your favorite characters, but you also want to recap all the latest events with your friends and family as soon as you can. Video blogs just will not cut it.

However, we all lead busy lives and there is often times when it is not as convenient to watch TV shows as you would like it to be. You have to meet a friend or pick your kids up from their after school activities or any other reason, but either way you need to find a better way to watch your TV shows as soon as you can on your large tablet or other mobile device. Here are some ways to never miss the latest TV shows again.

Watch TV Shows Online

Many cable and satellite providers are offering online TV viewing, like Gamecast NCAA. These online services allow you to watch TV shows from premium networks that come with your subscription. You can login right from your computer and start watching TV online. With more providers having these features, they are also included with your basic TV package.


Crackle is one such place to watch TV shows online for free. You can also use the streaming service to watch videos for free online as well, if you are sick of using all your cloud storage for movies you hardly watch. Because the TV and movie streaming service is free, you will have to put up with some ads and commercials. However, this is definitely not that much of a bother. This is especially true, because you do not even need to create an account for the service. You can also watch TV for free using their app, which many other free streaming services do not offer. Visit the Crackle website to see if you find any free movies online or TV shows that you are interested in.


TVMuse is a place to watch tv shows for free online. You can search through thousands of the most popular TV shows both present and past on their website just like you would when you are Googling. You can use the service for free. However, some links may lead you to a third-party website that may require a cable subscription or payment. However, there are also thousands of videos to select from that are entirely free. If you want to watch free TV online, visit the TVMuse website to check it out.

TV Providers Apps

Most satellite TV providers have mobile apps that allow you to view your TV shows without sitting in front of your TV. You can use the app to get updates of when the next episode is airing and easily watch it or record it from your mobile device. This means that even though you are sitting in the parking lot waiting for your husband to finish picking out a pizza for dinner, you can still be getting the latest on your favorite TV show. Check with your provider to make sure that you have an app available.

Invest In A DVR

If you can’t physically watch your TV show at the exact time of its airing, the next best thing is to watch it at your leisure from your DVR. You can set your DVR to record all the shows you want and save them so you can watch them over and over again. Look for DIRECTV deals that give you a free DVR when you sign up for service with them. Most providers will have DVR options that you can get to record all the TV shows you can’t go without seeing each week.

Get Email Updates

If you are the type of person who easily forgets when your TV show airs, you can sign up for email updates that will remind you when your show is on so you can drop everything that you are doing to watch it live. Additionally, you can get information updates from the show through their website, so you always know the latest information about the cast and producers. These updates will keep you in the know at all times.

Use Social Media

If you are unable to watch your TV show, but still want to know what happened in the latest episode, you can use social media to get the latest updates. Follow your favorite show and it’s actors on Twitter and Instagram to get first-hand information about what is happening in the show. This will keep you in the loop without even sitting down to watch the show.


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