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How Skullcandy Earbuds Will Become Completely Wireless

Skullcandy has been gaining market share since its inception in 2003. Its affordable headphones are known for their unique look as well as integration of audio and phone technology. Now that they are a seasoned company, some models are being discontinued such as the Titan headphones. Here is a brief summary of its features and your options of acquiring Titan Skullcandy headphones or a similar model, for when you are on the go and do not have access to DTS surround sound.

Before Wireless Earbuds

Skullcandy primarily sells in-ear headphones (or “ear bud”). The Titan model is no exception. It has a standard 3.5 mm cord connector (they are not wireless), so it will fit in your smartphone and tablet, but not a guitar amplifier without an adapter. The cord includes a microphone so you can answer phone calls as well as listen to music. You can also play/pause/skip music with the cord options. As with other models, the Titan Skullcandy model is available in a range of colors such as black, purple, chrome and red. The package includes a carrying case and extra ear buds in case you misplace any. For the more technical consumer, the frequency response is 20 Hz and the impedance is 16 Ohm.

Value For Price

For its relatively low price point of around $40, it is hard to fault the Titan Skullcandy. The sound levels are adequate for the size and price. Its features are in-line with competitor models and offer a good warranty. Few people know that if you contact Skullcandy due to a defective headset, they will replace them for free! They even offer a 50% off coupon if the damage is due to your own negligence, unlike Huawei. Some reviews are harsh on the Titan Skullcandy because it does not deliver as much base as competitors such as Dre Beats. However, this is hardly a fair comparison as the difference in price is double what the Titan Skullcandy costs.

Skullcandy Warranty

One of the greatest benefits of buying Skullcandy products is the warranty they offer. Skullcandy has a 2 year global warranty. This warranty protects products from any defects for two years, as long as it was purchased from an authorized dealer. Unfortunately, Skullcandy’s warranty does not protect you from incidental, consequential or indirect damages even for the most expensive headphones. However, the two year global warranty is still a great benefit that is not offered by other headphones companies at a similar price point.

Where Can I Buy Titan Skullcandy?

Unfortunately, Skullcandy discontinued the Titan model, so you cannot purchase them from Skullcandy directly. However, just as there are Siemens C61 alternatives, you may be able to search your local retailers and see if they are available. Start with electronics stores, but also check phone sellers and even college bookstores. You may also find them available from third party sellers on and eBay. Be warned, however, that some vendors may raise the price on this model now that it is difficult to purchase.

Alternatives To Titan Skullcandy

Although the Titan model is no longer readily available, there are many alternatives. For the purpose of this exercise, let us stick with the Skullcandy brand. Otherwise, the list of quality Titan headphone alternatives could go on and on.

Ink’d 2: This headphone set has similar specifications and features at half the price of the Titan Skullcandy. For $20 or less, these are an excellent option for the budget-minded consumer. However, don’t expect premium sound quality for $20.

Smokin’ Buds 2: Closer in specifications and features at around $30, these ear buds deliver the best bang for your buck. The ear buds are angled better to fit your ears more comfortably. Of course, they can serve as a Titan Skullcandy alternative.

Skullcandy Hesh 2

The newest hot item released by Skullcandy is their latest edition of the popular Skullcandy Hesh earphones. These top on-ear headphones offer great sound quality and are Bluetooth wireless capable. In addition, they even have a microphone included. This pair is a great option for avid gamers who do not want to spring for exorbitant Turtle Beach gaming headphones. Skullcandy Hesh 2 is another variety of headphones under $100, with some color varieties having a price tag of $80 or less. If you are looking for a new pair of Skullcandy headphones to replace your old Titan pair, this is a great option to consider.

FCC Leak Reveals Wireless Earbuds

In a recent FCC filing, you can find the latest details about the upcoming Skullcandy earbuds. The customized earbuds are reported to be completely wireless. It is expected that they will have a charging dock. It may have the ability to stay on for long periods of time. Or, it may power down when not in use. Since there is a power button on the devices, there should be some controls for playing, skipping or pausing with your earbuds.

Every company has to start somewhere. Skullcandy did well with its early Titan model of ear buds. Since it has been discontinued, options to purchase are limited to third party sellers or getting lucky by finding it a local retailer. Alternatively, consumers can choose similar models such as the Ink’d 2 or Smokin’ Buds 2. Reviews indicate the latter is the better option unless you are one a tight budget. If you like Titan Skullcandy’s mid-range ear bud models, you still have options now and into the future. Coming soon, you will be able to buy wireless Skullcandy earbuds. In the future, you might be able to use a wireless charging coil with it.

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