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How To Speed Up Your Mac In Four Easy Steps

When you rely on your Mac laptop for both work and leisure, it can be a serious drag if your laptop starts slowing to a crawl every time you want to do anything complicated. Especially for work, you need your macbook to run fast so that you can operate productively. Luckily, there are few easy things you can do to keep your Mac working fast.

Update To The Latest Version of Mac OSX

Trying to run an old operating system can really slow you down, especially if you’re running much newer apps within it. Make sure to always keep abreast of new operating system updates, and download them as soon as possible after they’re released. Apple want your device to work as smoothly as possible, so they’re always finding new ways to optimize their OS. For best results, set up your Mac to download and install updates automatically

Clicking on the Apple logo at the top left of the screen will allow you to manually search for new updates by clicking on the button at the bottom of the menu. You can also change your preference to automatic updating here. In many cases, the updates help clean up macbook software that isn’t necessarily required. Furthermore, they usually have the latest security measures to keep your laptop protected.

Close Down Apps In the Background

Mac OS keeps your apps running in the background unless you manually close them down. This can be useful for getting back to your previous work session, but can also be a real drag on your laptop’s performance since these apps will be hogging CPU capacity and memory that you need for what you’re doing now.

Programs that are currently running will show a little glowing blue dot underneath their icon on the dock at the bottom of the screen. Right click on the programs that you don’t need to use any time soon, and choose Quit to close them. You can also use Cmd-Tab to bring up App Switcher, and then Cmd-Q to quit apps from there.

Increase the Specs

One more beefy way to increase the performance of your laptop is to open it up and replace the parts with better ones. You can replace the hard drive memory with a solid state drive. This is very easy to do, and will give a very impressive performance boost. Solid states drives are also less likely to crash than traditional spinning disks.

Adding more random access memory (RAM) is also very worthwhile. This is just as straightforward as replacing the hard drive. Just make sure that you buy the right kind of memory for your particular laptop model. Apple’s website provides a useful guide on memory specifications and how to do the RAM replacement.

Take Advantage of Activity Monitor

Look for Activity Monitor, which you can find in your Mac’s Utilities folder. This handy application will allow you to see everything that is running on your Mac right now and how much of the CPU each process is using, as well as energy efficiency and other metrics; you can click on the column headings to reorder processes according to different criteria. Be careful about which processes you close, as some of them are vital for the Mac to keep running.

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