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How To Transfer Large Files Online For Quick And Easy Sharing

File sharing has become easier than ever with today’s technology. Email, text message and even air drop allow users to send files back and forth to different devices. However, particularly large files are trickier to send. Email services often limit the size of files that can be sent, which can be very frustrating for beginners who are unsure of how to share large files elsewhere. Thankfully, we have the answer. If you are a novice when it comes to technology, you will want to follow these simple tips to learn how to transfer large files online for free.

Compress Your File

If your file is just over the maximum size, you might want to try an compress it. When it comes to transferring large files online, compression definitely has its benefits. First, it allows you to use your preferred method of sending, be that through email or a messaging service. However, if you compress a large file too much it could lead to lesser quality. Overall, file compression is the best option for big word documents in delivery companies, while visual and auditory media may benefit from maintaining the original file size.

Use A Third Party

When you want to send a large file online, you may find that third party services are an ideal option. There are dozens of web services out there that allow you to email or generate a share link for your files. While some services charge money, you can easily find sources that will do it for free. This is a great option if you want to maintain the quality of your files. However, if you are trying to send highly confidential files then you should take into consideration the security features of each service. As long as you choose your site carefully, you should be able to share just about anything.

Upload To The Cloud

Even beginners are likely to know about the cloud. If you do not currently use a cloud service, it may be time to sign up. This is when information and files are stored in multiple data centers. This allows users to access those files from anywhere, regardless of what device or network they are using. You can even use VoIPlink which is a voice service in the cloud. Once you save your files to the cloud, you can share them via link or even send them directly between cloud accounts. This is a great option if you have a significant amount of files to store and share over time.

Create A Zip File

Finally, the last tip for technology beginners is to create a zip file. This tip would definitely come in handy if you have to send several large files online. A zip file is a compressed collection of multiple files. If you need to send several smaller files in one email, this may be your best option. Lastly, Vertica advantages allow you track the size of each file.

Now that you know how to transfer large files online for free, you can pick and choose which of these options will work best for you. There are a variety of free services that can make file sharing easier. Whether you sign up for a cloud account, utilize a third party service or simply compress your files, you can send anything quickly and easily.

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