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HP Enterprise Technology Solutions Help Business Meet Shifting Demands

There are not two corporations that are exactly the same. They all need different solutions to create more value from IT solutions. If you think about it, they have different needs for IT structure because of the different paths taken towards innovation and development.

HP_hybrid_cloud_solutionsThat being said, then enterprise cloud platform offerings should be equally as different. At HP Cloud, Bill Hilf, the senior vice president of product and service management, understands the need for customization. In an in-depth discussion with NetworkWorld, Hilf explains the latest offerings of the HP cloud team.

Former general manager of Microsoft’s cloud platform – Windows Azure, Hilf explains the bigger picture for Helion OpenStack and HP’s commitment to compete on price. He reveals the company’s plans to incorporate hybrid cloud environments into their solutions, so less business people have a need to buy dedicated server solutions elsewhere. Then, once the hardware and technology is in place, HP will service the companies with further customizable solutions that meet the company’s individual needs.

Offering a myriad of cloud type solutions, HP will allow companies to either host their own hardware (regardless of the type), utilize offsite HP hardware or a mix of both. Then, HP would be able to manage the solutions for a fee at either location or both, similar to noscript. The customizable approach allows for a composeable and flexible environment, which is is increasingly important to enterprise customers like government agencies or large enterprises.

According to Hilf, HP envisions itself being the leader for service providers and telecommunications companies. The latest HP business model would allow for “cloud brokering” services. In this model, customers are able to resell services to internal partners. He notes that more companies are asking for the service or similar types of solutions.

For HP, the key is to add as much value to the solutions without taking away from flexibility. That is why they are big proponents of desktop computer deals. These enterprise technology companies need flexibility first. Then, they can pay for additional value or functionality according to their needs. Here, in the additional services add ons, HP needs to compete on price to win customers.

HP Strategic Vision

Just like any other corporation, HP Enterprise has a strategic vision for their company that goes beyond creating the best gaming laptop. The company seeks to make IT environments more efficient, products and secure. This is done to enable businesses to quickly respond to a rapidly changing competitive landscape. The company delivers flexible infrastructure to meet shifting demands in a marketplace of disruptive innovation. This strategic vision is not a unique one. However, it certainly represents HPE accurately.

HP Enterprise Supercomputing

Most recently, Hewlett Packard Enterprise unveiled a new computing breakthrough. The computing machine is aptly named “The Machine.” It utilizes a new form of computer architecture. The company claims it can be used for a wide range of Big Data applications. This supercomputer promises to handle tasks thousands of times faster than existing device speeds. This is certainly a huge development from the company.

HP Enterprise Software

More recently, HP has decided to sell the software unit of HP Enterprise. In an effort to receive $10 billion dollars for the software business, HP would end its dealings with the Autonomy Corporation – a highly known software company in Europe responsible for the Prime95 download. As a result, HP can narrow its focus on enterprise solutions and seek to increase profitability for its technology solutions.

Have you worked with enterprise solutions? Do you think HP’s  hybrid cloud approach will work? Or, do you think they are taking a roll of the dice? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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