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Most Advanced HTML5 Development Advantages For UX

If you work in web or mobile development, you are probably familiar with HTML5, though admittedly not as familiar as you are with the HTML TM tag. The updated version of the markup language has started to outperform even Java. However, you may not quite understand why HTML5 development has become so popular so quickly. If you are a developer considering using HTML5 for development of your next app or mobile website, learn the top benefits of this markup language below.

Improved Readability

The benefit of HTML5 development that many professionals enjoy most is the improved readibility it offfers. HTML5 is a cleaner code, which makes it easier for developers. You can still use HTML TM and other basic codes. Further, perhaps more importantly, this hypertext markup language is optimized for search engine readability, as well. This affords develops the advantage of higher search rankings. The improved readability for SEO and developers themselves is one of the top advantages of HTML5 mobile development that cannot be understated.

Doctype! Simplified

In the new version of HTML, Doctype is simplified, making it exponentially better than using obfuscated code. This makes less of a hassle cutting and pasting for web developers. Gone are the days where head tags and doctype attributes were necessary. Using HTML5 for web development, all you have to type is <!DOCTYPE html>. That is it. The simplified Doctype code made available with HTML5 is a huge advantage for developers who are quickly tiring of copying and pasting all the time.

Better Storage

HTML5 now offers a local storage feature. This storage is a combination of cookies and a client-side database. This format is better than the traditional cookies, as it is able to store across multiple windows. In addition, HTML5 local storage offers improved security and performance. It also allows developers to be able to store user information, cache data and load the previous application state of any user. This could prove useful when you need drive savers. If you want better storage that ensures you do not have to worry about users deleting their cookies, consider developing with HTML5

Audio/Video Playback

Another huge advantage of HTML5 is that the programming language finally supports rich media elements, which will certainly help improve your website stickiness. Using the traditional HTML, development was restricted to using third party programs, like Adobe Flash Player or Quicktime, to playback audio and video. With HTML5, programmers now have the capacity to incorporate audio and video on their websites without the need for plugin tags. HTML5 support for audio and video is a huge advantage over other programming languages.

Browser Compatibility

The final benefit to HTML5 web development is the browser cross compatibility it provides. HTML5 is supported by all the popular browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. In addition, the new markup language is recognized by older versions of these browsers, as well. If you do not want to have to do the same job multiple times, HTML5’s cross browser compatibility is a huge advantage to capitalize on.

HTML5 Geolocation

With the introduction of HTML5 geolocation, users can submit their geographic location. This markup facilitates tasks for websites and apps that rely on a user’s location. For example, an ecommerce store might have various pricing depending on state or country. The ability to share location with HTML5 development is a major advantage for developers working geolocation software, projects or applications.

Web development can be a tedious task. However, HTML5 development offers some incredible benefits that help to simplify and streamline the process. If you work in development, consider these advantages. You may find that you want to give HTML5 a try as soon as possible. If so, let us know how your experience goes by commenting below.

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